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Yuri's Art Dump


Hello Millarlings.

I’m currently creating my portfolio and just wanted to share it with the community.

At the moment I’m working in some pinups, I’ll upload them as soon as I finish each piece.

Any feedback is welcome.:slight_smile:

I begin with a Mignolesque tribute.



this looks good … reallly nice work on those skeletons !


Thanks Selkirk! I’m finishing the colored version. Maybe tonight I’ll upload it.

Yes, those bloody skeletons cannot stay dead!


And here it is, my colored-blind version (sigh) of the Hellboy pinup.:sweat_smile:
I hope you like it.


Looks great!


Thanks RicRags!


nice job, especially on the silhouettes in the lower half of the piece! good job on the colours as well!


Thanks a lot Barcs! I really appreciated your comments. :grinning:


Hello people. A very pissed off Wolverine :fearful:


Captain America took his gloves off.

And yes, I am the last one that still fancies the winged helmet :sweat_smile:


Not the last one :slight_smile: :thumbsup:


Robin Mask, from the Kinnikuman manga. A lot of fun drawing this guy :slight_smile:


Main Man old style.


5 minutes sketch with ink & brush.

I went out of my comfort zone. Instead of pencils or digital I directly tried sketching with ink and brush.


Here is my Thor pin up. This time I returned to the old school and used a pencil.
3 hour sketch.


Spider-Gwen pin up.
3 hour sketch. Pencil

I’ve been drawing digital for so long that I missed the old school and used pencils lately. Hope you like it.

-Spider-Gwen creators Jason Latour & Robbi Rodriguez-


Hellboy bust.
2 hour sketch. Pencil

Hellboy against the Horde Of The Dead. Let’s kick some bony asses!

-Hellboy created by Mike Mignola-


Hellboy pinup.
4 hour sketch. Pencil

Hellboy immersed in a lively debate with a tentacled fellow.

-Hellboy created by Mike Mignola-


Punisher pin up.
3 hour sketch. Pencil

Wearing his favorite old comfy long sleeves t-shirt and only armed with a shorty shotgun.

-Original character created by Gerry Conway, John Romita Sr. & Ross Andru-


The Goon pinup.
5 hour sketch. Pencil

"Tired of killing zombies with improvised weapons? Is that old broomstick taking ages to crush those heads?

Here is the answer to all your smashing needs!! The Stillson Wrench is always ready for use! With its easy grip and sleek design it will be your favorite partner to squish undeads!

It comes in intense red or electric blue.


-The Goon created by Eric Powell-