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Youtube or Instagram for Short Comics?


I know comiXology allows users to submit comics, and hosts a range of free comics, but is there a resource dedicated posting finished short comics, the way one might post their videos to Youtube? Or the way artists post their artwork to Deviantart… but just for finished, polished, short comics?

…For filmmakers, having a source like Youtube means immediate distribution. Reel, portfolio, etc. Being able to immediately post and share a web series, for example, makes it a lot easier to get people on board to help bring a project to light, because they know that people will be able to see the fruits of their labor.

One of the things that I’ve read here a few times is that making the product, although satisfying, is often a dead end.



I don’t know that much about it, but I’ve seen a few people link to comics they’ve posted on Tapastic, and some friends have posted comics on Comique, although Comique looks like it’s aimed more towards an “alternative” audience.


I’ve heard instagram is good for comics, but I think Tumblr is a GREAT place to put them. Comics are a huge category over there and there’s a ton of active hashtags that are used. Plus, its semi-curated so if the work is awesome, it can get showcased. Take a look around over there and see what you think. I find a ton of cool stuff on there.


I use Tumblr, but went through some growing pains with it. I wanted to post a multi-page book, like in a PDF, but I was told you still need to use a PDF hosting site. So, I’ve just been posting one page at a time. It’s associated with art and comics which is why I started and stay there.