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Yours truly just got married!


Well, got married late last week. Offline until next week, but just wanted to share with my homies here. Got some awesome comic-related wedding gifts I’ll post up when I’m back at the computer next week. In the meantime, here’s the pic that will make women all over the world sigh as news spreads that the former writer of Sonic of the Comic is now off the market…


Congrats! May you both have a long and happy life together!


Congratulations Chief. I wish you both all the happiness in the world.


Congratulations Mark. Hope you have much joy and happiness together.


Congrats chief! :smile: Hope you and your wife get more blessings in the future. :confetti_ball:


You didn’t want this on the cake?



Congratulations and wish you both long, happy lives together!




Many congratulations!


Congratulations to you both! Lovely to hear. Sad for all the people who still thought they had a shot with you :grin:




Congratulations to you both!




Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Millar!! Yesterday Amber said she worried: “Mark hasn’t tweeted in days!”
I joked “maybe he’s in the phantom zone”…


Shocking news!! I always assumed you two were already married. Ecstatic for both of you; congratulations!


Congratulations, Mark! So happy for you both. I hope this is the start of something great for the both of you.


Best wishes and happiness to the couple!