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Your Top Ten TV Shows Of 2018!

Just like the movies thread. What have been your favourite TV shows this year?

(Probably best to do it by series rather than individual episodes, although feel free to highlight those too…)


Ok, here’s my attempt. Immediately after this I’ll remember an absolute howling omission, I’m sure.

Better Call Saul: The show of the moment for me, and it just gets better and better. I’m dreading Jimmy finally becoming Saul, not just because it will represent the fall of the character but also because it’ll mean the series is over.

Inside No 9: Still genius, with some fantastic episodes in this latest series (“Bernie Clifton’s Dressing Room” being a bittersweet standout) and a terrific live episode for Halloween.

Westworld: well, I liked it. Season two was as Marmite as they come (and we’ve been over the details enough now) but it worked for me.

Star Trek Discovery: I’m not much of a Star Trek fan so I was surprised to find myself thoroughly enjoying this, in a rollercoaster mindless kind of way.

Hip-Hop Evolution: season two was just as good as season one, and allowed them to go back and fill in the gaps from the first four episodes’ whistle-stop history of the genre. Hopefully we’ll see more soon.

Dynasties: Exactly the kind of show the BBC should be making. Great photography, educational and interesting.

Hilda: a charming new Netflix animation that’s nominally for kids, but makes for a nice chillout show for all ages.

Doctor Who: When it’s good it’s still good, but this latest series was more middling than most from the reboot era. The non-Chibnall episodes stood out for their improved quality - maybe he should take a step back next time.

The Handmaid’s Tale: Season two had some great moments early on, but dropped off badly towards the end to the extent I probably won’t watch a third. A shame after the brilliant first season.

Bodyguard: rubbish, but highly watchable rubbish.

Special mention for Maniac and Daredevil season three, both of which I’m still midway through watching but enjoying so far.


Here we go, no order but maybe:

  1. Superstore
  2. Neo Yokio (yes, it was just a Christmas Special, but it counts)
  3. The Haunting of Hill House
  4. Maniac
  5. The Tick
  6. F Is For Family
  7. SSSS.Gridman
  8. Animals
  9. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel
  10. The Assassination of Gianni Versace

Still some time left this year but I don’t think I have enough time to start and finish something new so I’ll say:

  1. Joe Pera Talks With You
  2. The Terror
  3. Atlanta
  4. Channel Zero: The Dream Door
  5. The Haunting of Hill House
  6. Hilda
  7. Glow

I think this is all I saw, which is a lot more than other years. Good year. Obviously NBA basketball is tops but I thought I’d leave it off.


Survivor - fantastic season this year, with a truly great cast. It’s good to see how these shows evolved, before Survivor was just a bunch of strangers on an island, now it’s people who study the show and are playing the game. And it’s one of the best games on TV.

Better Call Saul - Everything Dave said.

Preacher - the third season was the best one, and I’m glad they’re letting it get as freaky as they want. Like no other show ever really.

Happy - like another Preacher. Not quite as good, but Meloni’s performance is just amazing. I love when regular actors get to just go off the rails and show you just how far their performance can go.

I don’t get much time for TV, and when I’m not watching sports or old shows I only get maybe a couple of hours a week, so I haven’t seen very much. But then I think what I choose to watch is already a good filter of quality.


Question should be “How many streaming services do you need to watch your top 10 favorite shows of 2018?” What that really means is that I haven’t gotten to watch a lot of shows, but I did like Glow, didn’t finish Maniac - but it had just started getting really good when we stopped (it is a vote - I lost,) season 2 of Ozark, The End of the F*&% World, Love (Season 3,) Anne with an E (Season 2,) and Watership Down comes out on December 25th (I am pretty confident that will be on here. :slight_smile: )

I guess you know which streaming service I have. *I haven’t watched Better Call Saul yet, but that is on the list, and I am sure that will make this list.

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  1. Legion
  2. Lucifer
  3. Constantine
  4. Runaways
  5. Legends of Tomorrow
  6. Doctor Who
  7. Flash
  8. Supergirl
  9. Zapped
  10. The Gifted (the last half of S1 would be higher; S2 would be lower, so on aggregate it just scrapes in)

I realise Lucifer and Constantine are from before 2018, but they weren’t on any channel I could view. If they don’t count, then I don’t have anything else to put in their place. Maybe HIGNFY and The Last Leg.

Top 10 - in no particular order

The Americans: Been watching the last few seasons in a binge, almost done with the series. I get why it’s one of the best rated shows of all time. But it also feels… not fresh, not new. But amazingly well done.

The Tick: This iteration is the best since the cartoon.

Westworld: Nowhere near as good as season 1, WTF with the pointless aside to Shogun World. But still engaging and fun.

The Good Place: Might be my favorite thing on TV. Smart, funny and I feel better about being human just by watching it.

Atlanta: In Glover we trust. I’d vote for him in 2020, seriously, there’s nothing this guy can’t do!

Attack on Titan: I didn’t expect much, but dang! Fun show, great concept, it still has me 100%

GLOW: A show that should suck, but it’s fun.

Master of None: Feels like real life on screen. Great writing, acting and characters. it’s like a professional indy movie every episode (if that makes sense)

Rick and Morty: Man, I think this show is fun and smart, but I don’t know, i feel like there’s just this nasty stew of humanity surrounding it and enjoying it for all the wrong reasons. Kind of sucks the fun out of it for me.

*** Still not sure how i feel about this one ***

The Handmaid’s Tale Season 2: Season 1 was great, 2 was intereseting, but felt like it could have done without about 60% of the horror. There was no point to showing the misery, you show it that much it doesn’t have an impact anymore. if they did better at selecting their spots the show really would have more punch.

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I’ve been struggling with this, as my memory is pretty terrible for what was on this year vs last year etc. I’m pretty sure there was a show I’m forgetting from just a couple of months ago that I loved as well. Anyway, in no particular order.

Ducktales - It’s clever, funny, looks gorgeous, has a great voice cast and is truly all ages appropriate. Marred only by Disney Channel UK dicking around its airings (I’m pretty sure we still haven’t had the end of season 1 yet).

Impossible - The best new quiz show of last year refined its format a bit this year (basically working out the kinks of how many goes contestants got and whether they’re replaced) and that’s allowed it to continue to be really enjoyable and while seemingly less unfair (although the timing out of contestants for questions still seems arbitrary and inconsistent).

Only Connect - Still the best quiz on TV and Victoria Coren Mitchell is still a delight.

Ted’s Notebook - so this is from Sky’s F1 coverage and the most consistently entertaining part of the weekend. Whether it’s been a good race or a poor one, I always look forward to Ted’s Notebook after it (and qualifying the day before). It’s filmed a couple of hours after the event and basically Sky’s pitlane reporter Ted Kravitz wandering down the paddock or pit lane covering how every driver’s race/qualy went, picking up on things that often get lost in favour of the big stories and giving closure to mystery retirements from the race etc. It’s like the last word on the race weekend really. But more than that, it’s just really fun as Ted indulges his mind wandering, saying hello to and posing random questions to people he knows in the paddock, continually fighting against the clock as he rambles, looking at fun things in the fan areas of the paddock etc. This alone validates Sky’s F1 coverage

Richard Osman’s House Of Games - This is a game show with a big variety of games played throughout the week and, strangely, none of them are shit. It has celebrity contestants, who are on for a full week’s worth of episodes and that actually works pretty well - moreso than if this was a show for the general public, really. There’s a bit of a chummy atmosphere, but that’s fine and it’s undercut by Osman being occasionally quite cutting (in a funny way). Just entertaining TV.

Robot Wars - I think the last series of this was on at the beginning of this year? Despite some flaws (Jonathan Pierce commentating) the revival of Robot Wars was a lot of fun and the last series tinkered with the format in a good way with a better round structure. It’s terrible that the BBC has cancelled it, as the amount of school and student teams on it showed that it was having a positive effect on getting kids interested in tech. I suspect it’s partly due to safety reasons though, given that the arena floor and safety walls were both damaged in the last series.

The Good Fight - Deciding to take on the reality of the Trump administration so openly and forcefully was brave but it paid off for the Good Fight. The episode about immigration court and Einstein visas especially was really good.

Last Week Tonight - Five seasons in and no let up in interesting topics and good, weird jokes.

Arrowverse - I’m counting these all together as they are essentially all tendrils of the same entity. They’re not always good and some bits can be hard work at times, but broadly they work out to be really entertaining. I was somewhat burnt out on them at the end of last season and had considered not bothering with any of them this season, but they quickly sucked me back in and I’m looking forward to the Elseworlds crossover this week and next.

The Toys That Made Us - I wasn’t expecting much more than nostalgia baiting with this, but it was a pretty informative series and even the episodes on things I don’t care about (Hello Kitty for instance) engaged me. Looking forward to the third season of this.

Notable omissions

Doctor Who - I really didn’t enjoy this season, as I think I’ve maybe mentioned in the main thread once or twice.

Westworld season 2 - It started ok, but quickly became a contrived chore and I’ve no interest in season 3

Loads of stuff on Netflix that I haven’t watched yet.

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