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Your Top Ten Musical Acts


Recently I got a new car that came with Sirrus satellite radio. As part of the service you can load in your favorite songs and bands and it’ll tell you when they have a song on any of the 100+ radio stations. It’s quite a smart feature, but there’s a limit to how many favorites you can have.

So I’ve been spending the last few weeks deciding on my top ten bands. Here’s my list:

  • The Who
  • AC/DC
  • Led Zeppelin
  • U2
  • ABBA
  • Fatboy Slim
  • Queen
  • Madonna
  • Iron Maiden
  • Dire Straights

What would your favorites list be?


I imagine my list will draw a lot of blank faces, but here goes:

  • Broken Social Scene
  • Pinback
  • Do Make Say Think
  • Godspeed! You Black Emperor
  • Wolf Parade
  • The Morning Benders
  • Beirut
  • The Album Leaf
  • old AFI
  • Blur (at least this one isn’t obscure! although they are still in America)




I knew it…


The Monkees
The Beach Boys
Depeche Mode
Mano Negra
Daft Punk
Bob Seger
Something…I’m gonna steal Kiel’s Blur


Oooo. What kind of car did you get?

Here’s my list.

  • Beastie Boys
  • Blink 182
  • Johnny Cash
  • Coheed & Cambria
  • Daft Punk
  • Miles Davis
  • Led Zeppelin
  • Bob Marley
  • MxPx
  • Smashing Pumpkins

Edit: I decided to go with my current buying proclivities. Though there is a lot more punk, rap, country, reggae, classic rock and others that could easily be added.


Kanye West
Led Zeppelin
Wu-Tang Clan
The Notorious B.I.G.
The Clash
TV on the Radio or Frank Ocean


Chrysler Pacifica 2017. Yes a Minivan. It’s like driving a space shuttle. I love it. I’ll be driving minvans for the next 20 years now.


I actually really like the Honda Odyssey. My old boss had one and my sister has one. They’re amazing, comfortable and I even fit in the rear seats without odd contortions. Minivans have ascended above the soul crushing, this is what I have to buy now that I have a family machines into a realm of drivable and actually enjoyable vehicles.


Right to change my choices at any time invoked :wink:
Brian Eno


With the caveat that the list can and will change…

Nine inch nails
Depeche Mode
David Bowie
Alice in chains
VNV nation
Covenant (the Swedish EBM/industrial act, not the American metal/industrial one)
Front Line Assembly


Massive Attack
Kate Bush
Blur/Gorrilaz (a slight cheat but I like their best stuff pretty equally)
Pink Floyd
Peter Gabriel


I call thee brother.

I’d go with:
Jaga Jazzist
Tord Gustavsen Trio
Deaf Center
Sufjan Stephens
Jonathan Wilson


Sufjan’s right up there for me too, but I have to admit I wish he’d gone a little further with the state-album conceit!


Peaked with Seven Swans, for me. But his new stuff beat Beirut for a place on the list, as they’ve kind of rehashed Sunday Smile for their whole career. :slight_smile:


Fixed that for you :wink: I don’t totally agree, but I understand. I also love Sufjan’s recent work, but I thoroughly enjoyed the offbeat take on American history those two albums in particular gave.


There’s a few ‘acts’ who would have been on my list for years but dropped off because of some of their later output so I’ll go with a criteria of acts I enjoy pretty much everything they’ve done -

Nine Inch Nails
Ron Trent
Ian Brown
Larry Heard
Aphex Twin
Robert Hood/Floorplan
Roots Manuva
Theo Parrish
Kevin Saunderson


Nice one.


Allman Brothers
The Clash
Drive By Truckers
Wilco (first few albums, not a fan of their latter stuff)
Hank Williams
Avett Brothers


I came close to buying their new album on vinyl over the weekend. They’re going to be playing in Cleveland with the Dropkick Murphy’s sometime in August too.

I had tickets to see them once but had to give them up as I had a midterm the same night. After the way that semester turned out, I should have just went to the show. :wink: