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Your Top Movies of 2017!


Because we always have one of these threads at this time of year.

Here’s my ranking of all the ones I saw at the cinema. But feel free to just do a top 10 or whatever.

  1. Blade Runner 2049
  2. Dunkirk
  3. Logan
  4. La La Land
  5. The Lego Batman Movie
  6. Wonder Woman
  7. Spider-Man: Homecoming
  8. Star Wars: The Last Jedi
  9. Thor: Ragnarok
  10. Baby Driver
  11. Beauty and the Beast
  12. Ghost in the Shell
  13. Alien: Covenant
  14. Guardians of the Galaxy v.2
  15. Boss Baby
  16. Cars 3

A pretty good year all in all, I think. Lots of the ones in the middle of that list were still very good and entertaining.

(And my list has quite a few notable omissions - like Death of Stalin, War for the Planet of the Apes, Captain Underpants, Downsizing, Mother!, Battle of the Sexes, Trainspotting 2 and Justice League, all of which I haven’t seen yet but plan to catch at some point.)


I’ve seen a fair amount of movies this year, about half made this list. Unranked, just ones I would feel deserve to be stated as standouts.

The Meyerowitz Stories
A Cure for Wellness
Power Rangers
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
Captain Underpants.
Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets
The Lego Ninjago Movie
Happy Death Day.
Blade Runner 2049

Honorable Mentions:
Geostorm, Alien: Covenant. There are aspects I like of these movies, but there are some things keeping me from truly being engrossed in them.


These are all ones I watched in the cinema too.

  1. Dunkirk
  2. Blade Runner 2049
  3. Paddington 2
  4. Thor: Ragnarok
  5. Baby Driver
  6. Star Wars: The Last Jedi
  7. Coco
  8. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2
  9. Wonder Woman
  10. Logan
  11. Alien: Covenant
  12. Spider-Man: Homecoming
  13. Lego Batman
  14. Justice League

I agree a very very good year. All the top ones I loved to bits, most of the rest were great. Even the weakest in Justice League I can’t deny I enjoyed for all its faults. I could easily shift most of 5-13 around depending on my mood.

Dunkirk hits the top spot because I was physically engaged with it, I could feel my heart rate go up and down with Zimmer’s relentless score and breathed a sigh of relief at the end when it stopped and switched to his take on Elgar’s Nimrod. Like Mad Max: Fury Road it is a film that may not deliver the same experience on TV, on a huge IMAX screen with amazing sound it was like a roller coaster ride, but one with intelligence and emotion. I am not a Nolan fanboy, I was never that convinced by his Batman trilogy, this is what he should be doing. It’s rare since the days of David Lean that you get a film that is so visually spectacular, has a score to match and covers important and serious subjects.


Great articulation of what made the film so gripping. Like you I had it and Blade Runner 2049 as my top two, and it’s a very close-run thing.

Ditto. It was easy to pick out the top and bottom few of the list, but there wasn’t much between those in the middle. A lot of solidly entertaining films.


If Zimmer doesn’t get an Oscar for that I’m going on hunger strike! :smile:


Wow Paddington is that good?


Actually I was being harsh, the mid credits sequence alone should put it at number one. :wink:

  1. War for the Planet of the Apes
  2. Good Time
  3. Blade Runner 2049
  4. Personal Shopper
  5. Dunkirk
  6. Logan
  7. Get Out
  8. Blade of the Immortal
  9. It Comes at Night
  10. The Blackcoat’s Daughter

I expect this list to change, though. There’s still a few I haven’t seen that I want to: The Last Jedi, The Shape of Water, Mudbound, Silence, Phantom Thread, and a few others.


I have seen even less films that usual this year. I’ll wait until I’ve seen Star Wars and then maybe I’ll be able to do a top 5 :expressionless:


I can’t even be bothered to google the Stannis meme at this point. :slight_smile:


I’d be more worried about my inability to use conjuctions correctly :frowning:


You do seem less precise that usual.


I saw like three movies in the cinema this year, so, uh

1: Death of Stalin
2: New Godzilla
3: Blade Runner


Will break my cinema fast with Last Jedi on Tuesday. Of the films I’ve seen on cable:

Kong: Skull Island
Alien: Covenant
Spider-Man: Homecoming
Wonder Woman
LEGO Batman
Guardians of the Galaxy 2

Just genre films. Don’t like comparing out-of-genre films, but must note Hidden Figures was excellent.


I think you’ll find it should be “seem fewer precise that usual”.


I ranked mine in order of how I enjoyed them.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle
Star Wars: The Last Jedi
Spiderman: Homecoming
Murder on the Orient Express
Get Out
Happy Death Day
Justice League
The Belko Experiment


I haven’t seen Star Wars or Pitch Perfect 3 yet. My list will be workable then. :slight_smile:


An interesting year. In no particular order (and off the top of my head);

‘Dunkirk’, is a war film with relatively little war action in it. It sustains tension because you know what is going on and you know how tenuous the situation is. One of my favourite things about it is that you never see the german forces up close, because the soldiers, sailors and pilots didn’t either. We only go where the characters go. Even England is a port as one of the small ships departs for France to pick up the stranded soldiers.

It’s not my favourite war film, but it’s the product of an intelligent and disciplined approach and it expands the genre a little bit just by having been made.

‘Bladerunner 2049’ is not my favourite scifi film either, but like ‘Dunkirk’ it picks an approach to it’s genre and sticks to it, without wavering. As such, I think it achieves far more than similar stories that try to spread their efforts more broadly. ‘Ghost in the Shell’ covers a lot of the same ground, but it’s not sure if it’s an action film or a drama? If it picked one, and went with it, it could’ve been a stronger film.

‘Get Out’ is a strong thriller. It draws on important social issues and deserves praise for the way it brings them to a wide audience, but it does it by being a damn good film, with great tension and clever construction. I do think it’s a little overcooked in places, but these are minor problems. It’s not a flash in the pan, people will refer to it for years to come.

‘The Death of Stalin’, has a few stumbles too. Despite being based on a true story there are a couple of “because plot” moments that speed up transitions and character shifts. Never mind though, because the rest is sharp, funny, scary and morally complex.

I liked quite a few films this year, but those three stand out right now.


I’ll come up with an ordered/shorter list at some point, but this is my current Top 20, in the order I saw them:

  • Logan
  • Get Out
  • Raw
  • Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
  • Lady Macbeth
  • Wonder Woman
  • Baby Driver
  • Dunkirk
  • The Big Sick
  • Atomic Blonde
  • Logan Lucky
  • A Ghost Story
  • mother!
  • Blade Runner 2049
  • Call Me by Your Name
  • The Death of Stalin
  • The Killing of a Sacred Deer
  • Paddington 2
  • The Florida Project
  • Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Call Me By Your Name and The Death of Stalin are on top, the rest I’m undecided on. Still a load I want to see.


As it stands, my top ten looks like this:

  1. Blade Runner 2049
  2. La La Land
  3. Baby Driver
  4. Alien: Covenant
  5. Headshot
  6. Dunkirk
  7. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
  8. Free Fire
  9. War For The Planet of the Apes
  10. The Killing of a Sacred Deer

Honourable mentions go to The Last Jedi and Detroit. The few films that got a UK release which would probably crack this list but I have yet to see are: The Handmaiden, Raw, The Red Turtle.

Overall I’d say it’s a good year, although it seems a notably weaker one for animation, and an especially good one for sequels (with Apes, Aliens, Kingsman and Star Wars all doing some interesting and clever things with the sequel template) even if they didn’t get on well at the box office.

Also if I could count Terminator 2: 3D in this list, it would absolutely be there.