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Your local comic shop can have ME....i'm cheap!


i had an idea that I wanted to throw out there to see what people think.
I know shelf space is limited and taking the risk on a small press comic from a unknown writer can be daunting, because regulars usually stick to their bread and butter Marvel, DC, Image etc, which is cool. I get that.
So, if ANY local comic shop in England wants to take a punt on me and TRANSFER, I’ll make it worth the risk.
If any LCS order say a minimum of 30 issues of Transfer #1 from me…
One Saturday, your shop gets me for the whole day.
I’ll come to your store, hang out, chat to the customers, talk comics and help sell my comics and yours!
I thought this would be a cool way to get out there, meet the LCS owners and their customers.
I did my first ever con a few weeks ago and I sold over 200 comics from people that were just passing by, imagine what I can sell with to customers that are coming through the door.
I’m a born seller!
Let’s do the maths on this endeavour.
I sell my comics for £3.00 each, multiply that by 30, that’s £90.00.
After my printing costs and travel costs to your store, i ain’t making squat.
But, that’s not the reason why I’m doing this…I’m doing this for the same reason I write comics.
I thought it would be cool to get out there and meet you guys!

If you are a LCS and I have you intrigued…DM me and I’ll send you a PDF so you can see the quality of the comic.

Or if you are a comic shop regular and you think this is a good idea and might play well at your LCS, send them this link.

Good idea, bad idea?


Buy a Gravey 2016.

The special edition.


I am a limited edition…


I’m impressed, with the idea, and you’re bravery. Also, cool cover.


If I just order 30 copies for myself, will you come to my house? :wink:

Also, is your artist’s name really Messiah?


You’re the MAN, Garvey. You’re even team-up with Jesus!!!

Congratulations for the sells and best luck touring.


I think it’s more stupidity than bravery…but time will tell!

Cover provided my non other Than our very own amazing @DIZEVEZ



Come to your house?
Mate, when I get to the States I’m bunking at your place! :wink:

Ans yes that is REALLY my artist’s name! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

The store is now….OPEN!

I think that is the kind of thing that my LCS would probably get behind. They like to have people in and they often host artist events etc.


Well, tell them to get in touch! :blush:


He’s not the Messiah. He’s a very naughty boy.

Sorry @mattgarvey1981… I couldn’t help myself. It was a reflex.

Good luck to you Matt. This is a brilliant idea.


no takers so far…if one of the mods wants to place a link to this thread in the secret retailer section. that would be great! :smiley:


Just give me a heads up beforehand so I can discuss it with Mrs. M. You don’t want to be on her bad side. :wink:


she doesn’t have a bad side, she sounds lovely…especially after letting pay X amount for that Cab! :wink:

just tell her, i’m house trained, i shower at LEAST once a day, so i’m not a smelly nerd, she’ll be fine! :smiley:


Oh, she’s great but even Jesus beat the shit out of some people. :wink:

Not just authorized the purchase, encouraged it and found the cab service at half the going rate. She didn’t want me lost in London. She honestly takes very good care of me. :wink:

It will ease her mind that you aren’t one of the great unwashed. She’s done several cons with me. The very first one I ever went to was a birthday present from her. It was also the first time I met Mark.


shes a keeper, fella!


I never thought I’d ever want a bumper sticker until now.


Definitely! That’s just the beginning of her wonderfulness. I could run a whole thread. :wink:

It’s true (Matthew 21:12-17, John 2;13-16). There are even several pretty brutal depictions in art. Growing up I always thought it had to do with doing business within the Temple. However, the people he was driving out were exploiting a vulnerable population inside the temple during one of the most holy festivals of the year… The closest modern equivalent I could think of is if a church ran a payday loan scheme on Easter. Sometimes some people just need their asses kicked. :wink:


And another! :slight_smile:


As an aside, I popped into Forbidden-Planet Dublin this lunchtime. Chunks was on the shelf, surrounded by The Dark Knight Returns oneshot and Bitch Planet. Good company to be in.

I took a photo. I will post it later.