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Your Favorite Genre of Music


What is your favorite genre of music?
Mine, as I’ve mentioned a lot, is Power Metal, but I’m curious about what other MWers favorite genre is.


It’s gotta be Jazz in all its forms.
I can listen to it all day, even the more R&B crossover stuff.
And because it’s so varied depending on the era, the geography and even the emotional content of the music, the genre has depth so there’s always something new to discover.


Gospel and old school R&B.


Oddly enough, I know this sounds bizarre, as they are very different genres, but a close second is Celtic Folk Music.


I can’t choose just one genre. At work I almost always leave my iTunes library on shuffle mode so that I get a classic rock song followed by a pop song followed by Latino alternative, or classical, or hip hop, or bluegrass, blues, Big Band, adult contemporary, etc. I love hearing a David Bowie song juxtaposed with a Frank Sinatra tune followed by Cat Power (which just happened as I was typing this).


I’m the same, Jerry. Sheena marvels at the random juxtaposition that happens when we listen to my iPod in the car. Some of my favorites are punk, reggae, outlaw country, 70’s rock, 90’s rap, emo, screamo and a little bit of everything in between.


I listen to most kinds of music but if I had to choose only one to listen to for the rest of my life it’d be hip-hop.


An interesting question. I like lots of different types of music. The only types that I don’t really respond to are Country and Western and Irish Folk music (i.e. anything with Beards and banjos really). Even at that, there are exceptions.

My favourite music is probably Early 60’s Soul music…when I got married, the main bit of wedding organisation (ok…the only decision I made for the entire process except for the “I do”) was negotiating the wedding playlist with the DJ. So we have a 60’s Soul and 70’s funk wedding reception.

My favourite albums of all time are Ziggy Stardust by Bowie and Tommy by the Who (both of which I have had to replace after basically playing them to death), so I’m not a purist by any means.


To be fair, I do listen to a broad range of stuff: Jewish Folk, The Beatles, Simon and Garfunkel, Jewish Pop, Swedish Folk Rock…heck, even Skrillex is a guilty pleasure. It’s just that I have a clear favorite.


Although probably perfectly obvious to folks who have been around, I prefer blues-based hard rock. Screaming guitars, that sort of thing. With some sort of taste and social consciousness. As a kid I listen to classical until about seven, then got into both the folk-rock scene (via radio, I was not allowed to cross the street alone then), singer-songwriters, and some classic Country. Then there was Jimi Hendrix. I grew up. I like ballsy stuff from the heart. Do not like wimpy music no matter the genre. Anathema to me is the “musical comedy film”, mostly of the Forties, where people break into insipid song in the middle of dialogue. I have an actual gag reflex reaction. Also not fond of singing over a certain range, and I don’t care if you’re Axl Rose or a famous soprano, hit that range and my nape hairs go up, teeth bare, and it’s On.

I also prefer almost anything live to a studio recording. Spent too much time among musicians backstage or at home or whatever to truly appreciate all the musical manipulation. Guess I like that spontaneous element, and it’s where classical players and I clash. There are times I actually would like to see the second violin go absolutely berzerk-nuts on the Brandenberg Concertos or whatnot. Yeah, probably the last night for that fiddle-player, but what a way to go!


I primarily listen to Industrial, mostly the rock/metal side of things (Ministry, Fear Factory, KMFDM, NIN) and EBM/futurepop (Front 242, VNV Nation, Assemblage 23, Skinny Puppy, Front Line Assembly).

Beyond that, I like a lot of early 90s (and 70s) punk, hard rock, indie and thrash metal, the 80’s stuff that grew out of early electronica, especially New Romantic and the Sheffield and Manchester scenes, some glam, a lot of the earlier rock acts, selected rap and hip-hop, and a few modern electronica groups.


I don’t have one specific genre as an absolute favorite.

I listen to jazz all day at work, deep album rock in the car and EDM or sometimes New Age on the cable digital music channels at home.

Music on my iPhone includes the above and classical, country, soul, and a whole lot more.

I love Dengue Fever (Cambodian psychedelic surf rock) and with be seeing Primus opening up for Tool in a few weeks. Lately, I saw Diana Krall and Trans Siberian Orchestra perform live in separate performances.

About the only music I don’t like are the religious genres (gospel, CCM, etc). I find them highly irritating.

I’m finicky when it comes to rap and hip-hop. Every once in a while something will catch my ear but for the most part, they do nothing for me.


When you say “Cambodian” do you just mean that they’re from Cambodia or that they incorporate Cambodian traditional music/Khmer Language into their music? Because it’s always cool when a Non-Western Tradition of Music is fused with a modern style. Actually, one of my favorite non-Power Metal groups in any Genre is Nine Treasures, which is “Mongolian Folk Metal”:


A little bit of all of the above.

I have seen Dengue Fever every time the band has come to Houston. A few years back, they provided a live soundtrack of their own music to the silent movie “The Lost World”. It was great.

Some of their music:


I’m sorry, Todd, that kind of music isn’t my taste. :wink:


Dengue Fever on stage performing:

And me with lead singer Chhom Nimol after the show:


Another good band is the Swedish Folk Metal (Etnorock) group Nordman:


Mine’s more of a time period from “Glam Rock” to “New Wave”, Bowie to Byrne and everything in between…


Rap by a long shot.