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Your favorite Alt Version of a character


Classic Steranko Nick Fury particularly…with the trippy 60’s vibe.


It is interesting that some of the areas where DC often beats Marvel are in the alternate or outliers of their universe that get relatively little support. Certainly, Batman Beyond was a lot better than Marvel 2099 and DC’s Young Justice characters were more interesting than any of the Marvel cartoons ever have been, but they haven’t gotten much development. In a lot of ways, the stories for DC’s INJUSTICE rival the mainstream DC books, too, just like JL 3000 have produced some of the best work DC’s published in the past 5 years.


I like a lot of the ones already mentioned especially Red Son Superman. I also really like Earth-23 Superman.


I remember laughing out loud at the Bizarro-JLA from All-Star Superman. It’s Quitely’s art that really sells the absurd humour of the whole thing.


Oh, and I’m assuming no-one’s mentioning this because it’s just too obvious:



It’s not from the cross-time caper though … Widget is adult Kate Pryde from the Days of Future Past timeline. Always loved that reveal.



You get two in one with that picture! :slight_smile:


Not being familiar with him Ronnie.
Why does he stand out for you?


Ultimate Uncle Ben was incredibly well done. Character and (no pun intended) execution.


I love the commentary on corporate characters in that issue.
I’m kind of amazed that DC published it.

An OGN by Morrison with that Superman would be cool.


Marvel and DC have published quite a few things that I suspect they didn’t fully understand. :slight_smile:


The Multiversity was full of that kind of commentary.


Ditto Final Crisis.


I like the design. I had originally thought it was Obama as Superman which is fun. I spoke to Gene Ha not long ago. He said Muhammad Ali was actually the inspiration.


That’s interesting that Ha was thinking about Ali for his story.

But the character first appeared in Final Crisis, right? I assumed Mahnke designed him.


That’s true. I think Ha did a bit of a redesign.


Ah, ok. It’s been a while since I’ve read that Action Comics run. I should dig it out again.


Yes you should! It has maybe four really good standalone stories. Making it a third as good as All Star Superman if you squint a little and pretend Quitely drew them.
That #0 was hands-down great though. Ben Oliver killed it.


This doesn’t quite count, but most of the characters in the independent comic Copra by Michel Fiffe are analogues for DC and Marvel characters. The book takes the concept of the Suicide Squad from the Ostrander era and just goes crazy with it. It sounds like as if that would just be fannish drivel, but Fiffe is a great storyteller (as a writer and as an artist–he pencils, inks, colors, and letters all by himself!) and he takes the basic concepts of these characters to some unknown, often psychedelic places.

It contains analogues for Amanda Waller, Deadshot, Bronze Tiger, Captain Boomerang, Shade the Changing Man, Dr. Strange, the Punisher, Orion and Lightray of the New Gods, and more!