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Your favorite Alt Version of a character


So Between "What Ifs?, “Elseworlds” and general parallel universes we have a lot of Similar but Different versions of characters out there. From minor tweaks. To all out only the name remains the same.

So what have been your favorites?

For me one of my top ones is the Juggernaut from Age of Apocalypse.
The Loss of Charles sent Cain Marko on a path to monkdom.
Who lives a pacifist life with the power of the juggernaut.

Exiles Mimic.
It was great to see a Calvin live up to his potential

Red Son Superman
Even with a whole host of otehr world views. He’s still Superman.

So what are you’re favorite Sub ins?


The Exiles version of Mimic sprang to mind for me, along with Morph and Blink (both rooted in AoA). Exiles (and AoA) did a lot to make really valuable characters from, essentially, scrap


The black ops assassin version of Spider-Man from What if? Spider-Man vs. Wolverine – The Spider Who Went into the Cold.


Old Man Logan.
Come on, somebody was gonna say it.


Age of Apocalypse Gambit.

He’s still Gambit, just with a different costume


Red Son Superman (and a lot of the Red Son Justice League counterparts)


Fun Planetary Batman

The DC Beyond universe

Chaykin’s Secret Society of Superheroes,320.jpg

Buseik/Immonen’s SECRET IDENTITY Clark Kent (Earth Prime?)

Also, I don’t know if this is an alternate version or if this is going to be THE primary version of Superman, but it’s great


Ultimate Thor

I loved this version of the character. Hitch’s redesign was one of the boldest and best of the series, and I really enjoyed the ambiguity of whether he was truly a god or just a deluded man (and was ever so slightly disappointed when it was made explicit in the final Millar/Hitch issues).

His dynamic with the team was great too - I liked the political aspects of his involvement and the fact that he only participated in the group on his own terms.

A great ‘re-imagining’.


I immediately went to the one armed AOA Wolverine. Cyclops from AOA was also a good alternative, his whole struggle with the realisation of his own role in Apocalypse’s new world was great, and he finally had one eye!
@Mark_Hall I too enjoyed monk Juggernaut.

Red Son is a given but the character I always remember from that book is Batmanski.


Yeah, I totally agree with everyone - Ultimate Gambit is good but AoA Gambit is the best.

The Gambit from the future is pretty good, Age of X Gambit …Noir Gambit, Exiles Gambit. All great versions.


My favorite alt gambit is Marvel Zombies

Best use of the characther in years


He certainly was the best Zombie, I agree.


I like Exiles’ Sasquatch a lot too.


Heather is a nice choice. And completely messes with the Heather we know from 616


Great thread idea! Definitely Terry McGinnis of Batman Beyond for me. It was on when I was in elementary school and I loved the idea of a kid becoming Batman, since at that age I always preferred Robin and hated that he always got sidelined when things got really dangerous.

My parents signed me up for Saturday classes to prepare me for the entry test for a Boston exam school (then last minute they decided to send me to a charter school…), meaning I had to miss Batman Beyond every other weekend. Back then whole seasons didn’t come out on VHS or DVD, either. Not surprisingly, I put up quite a fight!

Since then I’ve watched all the episodes and like all the Timm/Dini stuff, I’ve gained a different appreciation for it as an adult.




This threads awesome! I’ll come back with a choice later.


I’ll allow it.

I’d forgotten about all.the alt adventures of excalibur.


Ultimate Cap for sure.

As it happens, I’ve been rereading the Ultimates lately, and had forgotten what a blast he is. It made me think about the character in new ways, even though I always liked the classic interpretation. And I liked that he was an asshole who pissed people off (both in the pages and in fandom), that’s what made it fun.


Someone else has already said Mimic from Exiles and Clark Kent from Superman: Secret Identity.

So it will just have to be Nick Fury from Fury Max for me.


At this point, classic Nick Fury is starting to feel like an alternate version.