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Your fave TV intro ever


I was talking to a musician pal about this and how the iconic TV intro is a lost art. Mad Men kinda had it, something we really remember, but so few do. I asked him why TV themes didn’t stick with us so much anymore and he reckoned the John Williams era guys who went brow in the 60s were inspired by the 40 jazz numbers they grew up with, which were super-catchy. Since mid 80s it’s all been very generic and I think that extends to credit sequences too.

This isn’t a particularly good one (I think The Equaliser intro was the last really great one), but it’s really interesting and mental. An added bonus is that the voice over is Winnie The Pooh, also Kaa the snake from Jungle Book, of course.



From my childhood? Has to be the Crystal Maze theme that sticks.


I used to love this as a kid, very ominous and important.


I’ve been known to introduce a topic of conversation with, “Previously… on Battlestar Galactica”.

But then I made peace with my geekness a long time ago.

When it comes to classic intros, if I can only pick one, then it has to be;

But there are so many!



Me and mini-Dodsworth were doing the countdown along to it yesterday. It’s STILL brilliant in how it engages.


Darn, Mike’s picked my #1 choice and Steve’s picked my #2. I guess I’m just left with this:


Honestly, a lot of it is the music, when I hear this it still makes me smile;


Since Quantum Leap hasn’t been posted yet - I guess that’s my job.
Go Sam, Go!





It wasn’t written for the show but I love the Malcolm in the Middle opening. Otherwise is a flip up between Ghostbusters, ALF or Fresh Prince.

As far as modern shows with good openings I like American Horror Story’s and Daredevil.


Batman TAS.


This one is stuck with me for life, and has become the unofficial theme song of my family’s road trips ( Andy, Ann and Amber…it’s working for us :wink: ) Though I think my daughter is sick of me breaking into it every time I pass a car on the highway! :slight_smile:


Season 6:


On the modern era, I like the ones for American Horror Story:

I absolutely LOVE the one for Archer…

…and the variation they used for Season 5:


Some of the modern ones are really good; ‘Mad Men’, ‘True Detective’ and ‘Halt and Catch Fire’ are all excellent.


Most of the Gerry Anderson ones were great. Stingray, Captain Scarlet. Almost so good that the actual shows were a let down.

I think Law & Order had a pretty great theme tune. I usually have to mute it these days though as one of my dogs always croons along to it if he’s in the room.


Daredevil has an excellent set of opening titles as well. Not a theme tune you’ll find yourself humming at 2am, but really atmospheric.


Did someone say humming these theme tunes at 2am? Because I have some serious contenders.

That last one is a surprisingly good show. I’m serious.


I’m kind of ashamed that I (as an American) have to bring this one up. :wink:


As an American you’re fully entitled to bring up the Allman Brothers :slight_smile: