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Your (best) Christmas movie(s)

I thought as we have Christmas holidays approaching, to have a theme dedicated to movies that best capture Christmas spirit or what defines Christmas film.

I would go with Home Alone, Fred Claus and The Grinch. But I would talk about other movies as well that are not good-hearted and family friendly oriented.

For e.x, Batman Returns as the example of Christmas film for those depressive during holidays, as this film perfectly nails that sombre grim atmosphere.

Bad Santa is probably the most subversive Christmas movie I ever seen. And…

Die Hard. Which I don’t even consider Christmas film, like seemingly many do (Empire magazine called it best Christmas film), like film’s writer and I saw many articles on Google that say it is, but… I love the film, it’s one of my favorites, but everything around it…It has only the setting around that holiday, with few songs that you listen over the winter (like Let it Snow) and the movie isn’t even released for Christmas. Instead, it turned to be perfect summer pop corn hit. I don’t see anyone calling the sequel a Christmas film. Same I’d say for Lethal Weapon. And would DH2 count as Christmas film as well?


I love A Christmas Story. Watch it every year. After the gifts are opened and breakfast is done, the TV goes to the annual marathon showing and is on as background noise until my wife asks in an exasperated tone, “Again?”


I like your wife more and more. :wink:


Yes. It’s just not as good a movie so no one talks about it much.

Die Hard is a Christmas movie in so many ways - a family with problems meeting and those problems solved by the end, so much Christmas iconography and constant mentions in the script, the resolution of the movie is directly tied to Christmas with McClain seemingly beaten except for Christmas wrapping materials that wouldn’t have been there any other time.

The most damning evidence, though, is the the plot doesn’t need Christmas, it could happen any time of year, so the use of Christmas is a creative choice, therefore making it a Christmas film.


Would it have been hard to find tape in an office building?


Keep that attitude up and I’ll put your eye out.


Fuck, another reason I hate Christmas. I looked a lot like that kid growing up, glasses and all. So those comparisons always got made especially the first time I got a bb gun.

Supposedly, the house from the movie is still in Cleveland.

No, but if you watch it’s the visible nature of the colours and tape that grabs McClain’s attention with seconds to spare. Christmas saves the day.

But even with normal tape is a valid mcguffin it simply backs up my main point because it was, instead, Christmas tape, therefore a creative choice made to use Christmas.

Scrooged and Nightmare Before Christmas are favourites in our house. Arthur Christmas is pretty good too. And the Muppets.

A lot of my other favourite Christmas viewing is tv - the Blackadder special, The Snowman, the first Matt Smith Doctor Who Christmas episode, stuff like that.


Gremlins is my favorite Christmas movie.


Perhaps because they came out at Christmas for three great years, but I think of the Lord of the Rings films as Christmas movies.


I like a lot of Christmas movies, but my favorite is March of the Wooden Soliders (Babes in Toyland.) It used to start playing every year after the Macy’s day parade, but I think once A Christmas Story (which I also like) came out, that took over as the Christmas movie. Others - Lethal Weapon, Die Hard, Gremlins, A Charlie Brown Christmas, A Miracle on 34th Street (original - not the remake,) and of course It’s a Wonderful Life.

And yes I didn’t mention these, but these are also both on the list. I just recently saw A Nightmare Before Christmas at the Meyerhoff with the music performed life by the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra. It was worth the effort to go see it.

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We like the Muppet Christmas Carol, too.

This past Friday we watched Christmas Chronicles with Kurt Russell as Santa. It’s a fun popcorn movie and Russell does a great job.


No one for The Santa Clause yet?
I guess if no one’s gonna call it I will.


That’s the exact reason why I think opposite :smiley: Though there is some utter solemnity when they opened the safe.

Now, I can’t believe I forgot Polar Express. That movie is so rich with atmosphere and has wonderful animation.

Would Trading Places count as Christmas film?

What’s more Christmassy than this?


Evidently, this. :wink:




Is it bad that I get annoyed when people quote the “Welcome to the party, pal,” line on any occasion as just a throwaway line and not a brilliant Christmas Party joke??

No. The answer is no.


Is it bad to get annoyed at anyone thinking that’s a good joke at anytime? :wink: