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Your Art & Cosplay pics published by me!


Okay, this is a very fun thing.

A few months back we started interfacing between the website here and the back pages of my comics. My stories are supposed to be 20 pages long, but often run to 23 or 24, but this still usually leaves four or five pages at the back for an editorial (which Blake kindly does) and all sorts of cool stuff like fan art taken from the forums and cosplay pics posted here too.

Blake’s been doing a brilliant job with this and always on the look out for new submissions. I thought I’d post next month’s back-pages here. We run the same ones in Chrononauts and Jupiter’s Circle (basically whatever Millarworld book is out that month) and that’s a fantastic showcase for an unpublished artist, seeing their name in print, or a cosplayer with an especially spiffy costume.

Anyway, here’s a wee peek at next month’s as a downloadable PDF and I encourage you all to join in as we grow this crossover between the website and the comics. You’ve seen our early front page at and the daily news updates, but this is only the beginning of three waves this year and ye are going to love it.

Take a look and join in:



Putting the AMA schedule in there is an excellent idea. Some great ones to look forward to!




Great to see Hypershadow! :thumbsup: She was a big help with advice on costuming.


(Hope it’s okay to just reply in this thread!)

One of my favourite images from one of my favourite photographers :slight_smile: hope you guys like it! - my page - photographer!


Welcome to Millarworld, Kris. This is exactly the right place to post your Millarworld cosplay pictures. Same goes for Millarworld fan art. Great costume by the way. I love how the nature of the Kick-Ass costume lends itself to cosplay.


Hello! My name is Erika, nickname Jun, and few years ago I cosplayed Hit Girl, the costume is all made by me, I’m really happy to finally have cosplay of Hit Girl because it’s one of my favorite heroines, really love her. Hope you like it!!!

my facebook page:


Welcome to Millarword, Erika. Great costume.


My Hit Girl cosplay made it myself, you retweeted it on Halloween last year… I still wear it to comic cons! Hope you like


Welcome to Millarworld, Samantha. Nice cosplay. It’s crazy how prolific Hit Girl is becoming.


I think it’s crazy seeing these characters that appeared in a wee comic book all those years ago seep into the wider conciousness. Great costumes @asakura, @Lytlesammy and @Jun_Steiner and welcome to the boards!


Thank you!! I worked really hard on it. Hit Girl and the world of Kick ass came into my life at a great time when I actually had a bad ass chick hero to look up to (even though she was younger than me)! To this day that character still mean so much to me, I got the chance last summer to meet Chloë and she’s such a unique and kind soul also, so it just makes loving this work that much more great!


Here’s a portrait I did of Hit-Girl! I love the Kick-Ass comic books, and Mindy is my favorite female comic book character. I love that she’s never cliched, and always stays true to her character. Thank you for creating such an awesome character! (I do plan on eventually cosplaying her comic book persona in the future!)


Do you do a lot of sketching / drawing Melissa? Feel free to start up your own art thread if you do. Good to see comics HG getting some love.


I do when I have the chance! And I might consider it, if I make any more Millar-centric fanart in the future. Comic Hit-Girl doesn’t get nearly enough love!


I had a go doing a Kingsman poster. Let me know what you guys think!


Very nice, Gavin. The linework reminds me of some of the art on Queen & Country. I now want to see a Kingsmen / Queen & Country crossover.