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Your 5 most watched TV shows


I really like the movie thread but I think most folks spend much more time watching a particular TV show, some maybe over and over again. My five:

Frasier - it’s a perfect 20 minute break from things show. Each episode almost self contained, the performance are always great and there’s hardly any dud episodes. And when it’s great it’s among the best TV of all time. I’ve been Netflixing Frasier for about as long as I remember, before that it was DVD’s or VHS. And I didn’t even watch it when it was being broadcast.

Friends - look, I’ve been married for a long time and you watch stuff together. It’s the sacrifice you make.

Gilmore Girls - wifey loves her Gilmore Girls. And I can see why, it’s like Frasier in lots of ways. Stellar cast, perfect brain candy, easy to watch.

Spartacus - there’s two types of people in the world for me - brothers who love Spartacus and other I’ll never truly love no matter how awesome they are. I’ve watched the series 5-6 times now and make a habit of watching it every year. I’m adding Black Sails and Vikings to that same regiment so before too long I’ll never need any more TV.

DS9 - more than any other Trek, it’s been show I’ve been happy to go back to again and again. If I’m flicking channels and I find DS9 I’m pretty happy to just let it run no matter where it is in the episode. I’ve got them all on DVD, and that replaced having them all on VHS. You can tell you love a show if you keep buying it to keep up with technology.


This will probably end up coming down to comedies I watched over and over again as a kid/teenager. So:

Fawlty Towers
Red Dwarf
The Simpsons

Frasier is a good shout though. I loved that when it originally went out.

The DVD rule is a good one too. Aside from The Simpsons I’ve bought all of my list on DVD.



(big big gap)

The Office (UK)
Saturday Night Live

I’m actually doing a rewatch of the Office UK right now.

EDIT- I actually do spend more time rewatching movies fwiw


This is cut down a lot after I stopped watching re-runs, but here it goes.

MONK - Only the Natalie seasons, Sharona was horrid
Law and Order: SVU - that was just fun. Turned awful after Speed Weed left (or came on board)
Seinfeld - started watching when I was 9, never stopped. New York humor, love it or leave it.
Simpsons - I was a kid, it’s a rite of passage
Kings - proportionally. it was such a short series, RIP


In no particular order:

The Venture Brothers
How It’s Made


The Office (U.S.) - partially because this is the show my girlfriend is always down for watching, no matter what
The Simpsons
King of the Hill
The Venture Brothers

TV can’t be beat for comedy.


The only show I really go back and watch is The Andy Griffith Show. It’s timeless. And Andy is a great role model as a dad and a man.


The guy who was sheriff of my home county for a long time looked a lot like Andy. Even funnier, the police chief in the next town over looked a lot like Rosco P. Coltrane.


Thank you, I love being reminded that I have youth


Deep Space Nine
Parks and Recreation/30 Rock
Twilight Zone/Star Trek (original series)


Simpsons, Seinfeld, a Dutch absurdist sketch show called Jiskefet, Beavis and Butthead, Curb your enthusiasm, I think that’s it. I can’t watch the Simpsons any more though. Even the good seasons. It just stopped being in any way enjoyable for me.

Louie is still a new show so I haven’t rewatched older episodes a lot, but I think eventually it might end up as number 1.


Is O’Hara your Barney Fife?


Jim is Aunt Bea.


I tend not to rewatch TV shows too much as there are always awesome new things coming out to gobble up my spare time, but in terms of those I’ve stuck with for the duration it’s probably something like:

Curb your enthusiasm
Star Trek Original Series
Quantum Leap
Breaking Bad


Hmm. This is interesting as it’s different from ALL TIME FAVE TV shows. The shows I’ve watched most. As in repeat viewings. Well, that has to be…

Curb Your Enthusiasm (which I’ve probably watched on average once a week for over a decade)
The Simpsons (though I haven’t watched in a couple of years)
Original Twilight Zone
Seinfeld (though not for about ten years)
Frasier (likewise)

I don’t really watch much TV, really just one show a year, and watch way more movies in the evenings, though kids mean a Curb is more likely time-wise than the investment of a 2 hour movie. The 20 min nature of a sitcom means repeat viewing so much more likely than a Breaking Bad or whatever, but while the noughties has been amazing for drama the sitcom really ruled the 90s and I haven’t found one I’ve loved outside of Curb for a long time. Friends was big in my house too, though it’s maybe a decade since I’ve seen it. Maybe even more!

Oh, wait. We got the Batman 1960s box set recently and we have it on every day and have done for most of this year. I know all 3 seasons pretty much by heart now and every aspect of it really is fantastic. I think it’s maybe my fave TV show ever made and my kids obsessed with it, which I love.



We’ve just started watching the Batman 60s TV series too and the kids absolutely love it. They get through a couple a day and are always asking for more. And, of course, singing the theme tune.

It may end up on my list too. :slight_smile:


No, he’s my Otis the town drunk.


My youngest can say 5 things.


And I think it’s because the BATMAAAN theme is on all the time in the background. She can identify him as Batman. It’s mental.



The Office (US). Perfect to watch if you’re on the bus, on lunch break, in a waiting room, or if you’re at home sick.

Homicide: Life On The Street. I was obsessed with this in high school, and taped all the reruns when they would air on lifetime. I bought a companion book to the series and still scour YouTube to watch an ep here or there. WHY IS THIS NOT ON NETFLIX.

ER. Same as above.

The Shield. I’ve watched the entire run about four or five times now and still will put on a random ep now and then if I’ve had a bad day.

Entourage. My feel good show.


Hmm, it’s tricky, because some of the long running shows outweigh those I’ve rewatched a lot by sheer volume of episodes.

At a guess I’d say:

Doctor Who
The Simpsons
Saturday Night Live
Family Guy
The West Wing

Possibly long-running, oft-repeated panel shows like HIGNFY, Mock the Week and QI.