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Your 5 most watched movies

Just curious what others most watched films are. I don’t mean something you had to watch over and over with a young child or walked through a room and it was on. I’m talking about movies you chose to watch repeatedly (as a kid or adult). VCRs were not very common when I was a kid so I didn’t get to do a lot of repeated viewing until I could buy my own at 18. Since I haven’t had a TV signal in a long time, all my viewing is on recordings and mostly limited to my small video library.
I’m guessing a bit at the numbers but they are pretty close:
Star Wars (The original) I know its well over 100 times (some of that is for research! :wink: )

Monty Python and the Holy Grail (It never gets old for me, I’m smiling just thinking about it.) Probably close to 100 views (1st time I was 8 :slight_smile: )
ME: hey dad what’s oral sex?
DAD: ask your mother.

Kick-Ass This film really sparked my imagination, perhaps the best comic adaptation I’ve seen. I watched it a lot for researching costumes and story details to build our fan-film scripts off of, but often would get so caught up in watching that I forgot to look at details and had to rewind. I’m guessing at least 75 viewings.

The Incredibles It’s utter magic! I can put this on no matter what age a guest is and it pulls them into the story. I spent 2 hours in the “kids” room at Christmas one year instead of drinking with the “grownups” watching it with the nieces and nephews, 50+ viewings.

Monkey Business (1932?) Probably my favorite Marx Brothers film, Zeppo’s best performance, 50+ viewings.


Good question! I watched Python on pretty much constant repeat as a kid so Holy Grail must be up there.

Probably a lot of films from the Disney renaissance era as well - Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin and The Lion King in particular (especially as I now have kids of my own).

Empire Strikes Back is probably up there somewhere too - a childhood favourite. And Back To The Future. I never get tired of it.


Star Wars is no contest for me. I just rewatched the three original films a little over a month ago. I still love them.

I got burned out on Monty Python and the Holy Grail in high school and college. I’ll always prefer Life of Brian for that reason. :wink:

  1. Terminator 2 (At least 50 times)
  2. Empire Strikes Back
  3. Dawn of the Dead(original)
  4. Ghostbusters
  5. Jaws

Spot the child of the 80s…


Life of Brian is a film I remember mainly for making me laugh so hard the first time I watched it that I was in pain (I was in hospital at the time - probably not the best choice of viewing material). I love it but I think I like the absurdity of Holy Grail even more.

And how could I forget Terminator and Terminator 2? Countless times now.


My 5.

This is Spinal Tap
Star Wars
Love Actually
The Princess Bride

This would not be the same as my best 5 films, or a trendy choice, but they have a lot of value in repeat viewing. For the two Rob Reiner comedies it’s the extra stuff you find when you watch again. My favourite bit from Spinal Tap may have been the ‘up to 11’ or ‘lick my love pump’ sections everyone knows but after a while I like little throwaways like ‘I’m just as God made me sir’ and the moving herpes mouth sores.

The most controversial for comics geeks would be Love Actually as it’s a cheesy rom-com that wasn’t even that well received on release but I think that portmanteau style is actually very hard to pull off (the others that have in its wake have been dreadful). It covers love from the super silly wish fulfillment story of finding super sexy girls in the US to the heartbreaking take of the girl that has to pause romance to look after her disabled brother. I really don’t get bored of it and I think it’s developed a much stronger following years later.


I know a couple of people who really rate Love Actually. It didn’t work for me as I felt like I wanted to see more of the stories I enjoyed the most (the tragic Alan Rickman/Emma Thompson one, and the Colin Firth segment) and didn’t really care for the others. But I can see why it had its fans.

Plus, it’s a Christmas movie, which makes it one that fans will likely pull out every year around that time (my equivalent is Scrooged).


I tend not to rewatch stuff very regularly these days, because I don’t want to over-expose myself to things and potentially diminish my enjoyment of them, as I did with Transformers: The Movie through my childhood and nearly did with the West Wing in my teens.

But, at a guess, I’d say:

Transformers: The Movie
Back to the Future
The Muppets’ Christmas Carol
The Bourne Identity (largely owing to it being one a set text on my A Level media studies course, along with Spider-Man, so we had to rewatch them a lot, but unlike Spider-Man, I still enjoy Bourne Identity and so have seen it a lot before and after)


Stan Bush’s The Touch actually played on iPod this morning while I was driving to work. :wink:


In no particular order:

Fight Club
Big Trouble in Little China
2001: A Space Odyssey
Blazing Saddles
Forbidden Planet


All of these are in the double digits
In order of likelihood of most to least

Forrest Gump - Screw it, I cheer for that guy every time.
RoboCop - Whenever I get bummed out, always a good pick me up
Scream - First Ghostface is my favorite slasher villain.
The Thing - Just…who needs words?
Blazing Saddles - I actually don’t know a fifth, I just copied @Todd


Ooh not as easy to answer as you would first think -

Most watched at the time V most watched over a long time.
These days I am not as liable to watch some I did many times as I once would, and it does not necessarily equate to favourite films of all time, which in turn do not mean I need to watch them often,

i.e. Alien - saw it when it came out (pre-spoiler days - scared the living #!?£$% out of me) - Have watched it a number of times, but I rarely put it on - don’t need to. It is still burned into my cortex. (Same with The Thing! )

Whereas the Holy Grail - back when it came out, saw it many times, and again on video, more times than I would care to think . But in recent years maybe once or twice in the last 10

Most watched over time

Bladerunner - saw it when it came out - blew me away. Went back and saw it half a dozen times, then when I got it on Betamax must have watched it almost to death (yep I was one of those who foolishly thought quality would outwin quantity) - Think I’ve had it in every format since.

The 5th Element - Still holds up as a good fun SF romp, one we return to when in that dunno what to watch mood.

Pulp Fiction - do I really need to say more? :smiley:

The Blues Brothers Would hate to think how many times I’ve watched it.

Most watched over all time? probably Cassablanca Have bought it in about every format possible, will still go and see it on screenings and if I flick past it on TV it tends to stay there.

Probably Aliens first. One of the first movies I owned. I know every line. The start with the Marine Core is about as great as a cast introduction can get.

Pirates of the Caribbean. My favorite movie ever, I watch this any time it’s on. The second one too, but not the third or fourth.

Princess Bride. Another one of those movies that I can probably quote line for line.

I don’t think I have anything else that’s really notable. I don’t watch many movies anymore, hard to find the time. Was watching Guardians on the TV this weekend and it’s incredibly beautiful and rich to watch, so I’ve no doubt it’ll end up on my list at some point.


Star Wars
Donnie Darko
Mulholland Drive
The Dark Knight
The Fountain


Spaceballs - Saw this in the theater when I was a kid, Dad recorded it off HBO, my brothers and I commenced to watching it what seems like hundreds of times when we were kids.

History of the World Part I - Same as above, only I didn’t get to see it in the theater.

Friday - The videotape came out the week I started college. By the time the first semester was over, my friends and I could quote it start to finish. Many good marijuana plants were sacrificed to our obsession with this movie.

Team America: World Police - It was a 15-month deployment to Iraq. What can I say? Freedom isn’t free.

The Empire Strikes Back - The Gold Standard for rewatches. It’s about the only one of the original trilogy I just pop in at any time.

Monty Python and the Holy Grail - High school and college. Over and over and over again. Pot.

Top Gun - When my parents divorced, Dad bough his first VCR. This was the first videotape he bought for my brother and I. Pretty sure we watched it 20 times in just one summer, to say nothing of how ironically my friends and I got into it senior year of high school. It’s likely the movie I’ve seen more than any other, and working in and around the military, the most easily quotable outside of Stripes.


Star Wars - all the OT movies
The Big Lebowski - that movie cheers me up every time when I’m miserable
Fight Club

A Serious Man is a new one which is definitely getting rewatched a lot over the coming years.

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It’s amazing how many movies on folks most watched list I actually haven’t seen. It’s a really good question as the most rewatched movies probably says more about a person that anything else.


I do think it’s more personal than listing your top 5 best films. It’s also actually easier to do because there’s something you can quantify. My problem with most ‘top 5’ lists is I know the next day I could easily select a different set. I enjoyed and was impressed by The Dark Knight but I have only seen it once in the cinema and for whatever reason have never been that inspired to watch it again, so as much as I admired it, it can never get on my list.

I think most would admit their lists probably don’t include all the greatest feats of technical proficiency in acting, writing or cinematography but just hit your spot.

It’s not strictly followed but I do see an element of the favourites following the rule that the golden age of everything is ‘age 12’.


Shaun of the Dead- the only dvd I had for the longest time, the extras were hilarious
Guardians of the Galaxy- already in the double digits

the next few are on the list because they are on tv a lot and if i find it while surfing, I will stop and watch
Lethal weapon
Payback with Mel Gibson, favorite revenge movie
Early Ryan Reynolds movies

Wait - I found out my fifth one.

Stallone’s Judge Dredd.
Must have seen it about 20 times as a kid