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YoungDuke's Fantasmagoria of Terrible Self-Publishing


So I’ve self-published an alarming amount of sometimes incompletely edited material. Figured I’d document it here…

Monorama (2012) Short stories. The front end is loaded with shorter ones. Longer ones follow.

The Whole Bloody Affair (2013) This one’s a facsimile of a Harry Potter type story, with a girl who is trained in the martial arts and eventually learns the truth of her parents’ death, including who killed them, and if they’re someone she’s known all along. Novel-length. (Spoiler alert: it is.)

Pale Moonlight (2014) My vampire story. Somewhat sprawls around a little. Novel-length.

Metatron (2015) My take on the tale of Adam, Eve, Cain & Abel. Novel-length.

Sapo Saga (2016) Believe it or not but this one’s actually repurposed material from two scripts I wrote early on in my MW experience, the 2015 Annual contest and the Star Wars Write Off. Novella.

Miss Simon’s Moxie (2016) My stab at humor. Novella.

Miss Simon’s Brute (2016) Set in the aftermath of the burning of York during the War of 1812. Novella.

Miss Simon’s Dime Novel (2016) I adapted the lives of two real early screen cowboys for this one. Novella.

Terrestrial Affairs (2017) This one’s a look at the sprawling Space Corps mythology that will in some alternate universe become a series of books. Novella.

5 Totems (2017) I’m listing this anthology a friend of mine put out because I think I have some good material in it.

Reading Biblically (2018) A few years back I read the complete Bible for the first time. This is a result of my unscholarly thoughts.

Monkey Flip (2018) If you like professional wrestling, this one might theoretically be of interest. Novella.


Add another rejection from a publisher to this pathetic “writer”’s resume.


Keep writing dude. It’s a passion, we do it because we love it.


Don’t stop, keep your passion.


Thank you, guys. Dealing with a lot of things at the moment. Just tired of writing exclusively for myself.


I just tell myself I write for a very niche audience, consisting of myself. (And one friend who is always happy to read my stuff) :slight_smile:

It can suck to not be recognized. But a lot of great writers were never discovered during their lives or had just a very limited readership. Franz Kafka, Edgar Allen Poe, Emily Dickinson, my favorite poet Marina Tsvetaeva. So just keep doing your thing, create art and know you’re part of a great fraternity.