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You need to watch Biden on Colbert


Imagine a President this real:



Wow. That was a really great interview. I think that I most like that even in talking about himself he takes the focus off of him and brings others into it.


Man…I really love that guy. Didn’t realize it until just now.


He’s a human being and has a warmth you can’t fake.



I’ve always liked Biden more than Obama. Yeah I know, but there it is.

I agree with his politics more, I agree with his approach, and I think the Irishness that comes through his personality is actually a really smart attitude towards politics. More than that though, I think Joe Biden is one of the worlds greatest human beings, a selfless, driven man who survived all the horribleness life gave him retaining a sense of love and fun rather than becoming angry and bitter. I think he’s an incredibly smart, brave and loving person and I hope to be even a portion of the man he is. He could inspire and teach millions of people on how to be better yet he’s too modest to ever say that of himself. He’s an example to us all.

He’d be an amazing President, but I don’t wish the job on him. If he runs I’ll support him and vote for him, but I kind of hope he doesn’t run and finds a less stressful way to continue to serve his community and the world.


Such is the very quiet Democratic “anybody but Hillary” prayer.

Biden/Saunders versus Trump would be epic!


I’ve never seen it with Biden but that was a good interview.

The cynic in me wonders to what extent that was staged or worked out beforehand, but then I’m a cynic.