Comics Creators

You know you have made it in comics...


…not when you get to write for the big two…

…or even when you get asked to be on a panel…

…it’s when someone likes a character you help create so much that they decide to cosplay as it…

Yep…I nearly cried. :blush:


That’s awesome.


That is amazing…and let’s be honest, probably one of the least worrying Garvey characters to cosplay…Imagine meeting the Pineapple Chunks, face to face :scream:


Very cool news Matt.



You did let the other panelists get a word in, yeah?


Amerveer has already been working on his Rik cosplay!


I did but I know in when the video goes up…it’s just gonna be me wanting to jump in ALL the time!


That is so cool!


He looked great!


Seriously Matt, that IS making it :clap::clap::clap:


Oh, behave…

Also, may have met an artist YOU might know wink wink :wink:


Yeah, I need to find time to review 24 pages of layouts. Been working long hours and weekends recently, so I’ve not been in a good frame of mind.

And credit where credit’s due Matt, you’re doing a grand job. I know you say you’re not overly bothered, but really hope someone’s keeping an eye on your progress and work ethic.


Mate, he is a great artist and such a nice chap too.
I cannot wait to see him bring your story to life!
I better get a preview! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

As always, you are waaaaaaaaaay too kind.

People only keep their eyes on me because I’m from Dagenham and they are worried I’ll still their phone!


PFFF now if you can get me to cosplay as one of your characters
Well then and ONLY THEN…
You can ship me off to the asylum


Weren’t you there already?


You mean you aren’t already in a secure facility?!



That is so fucking awesome. You must be one proud papa.


I am :blush:

Won’t tell you again about your bad language, Ronnie! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’ve never seen him in the wild so I am hoping he is already.


i just wanted to put this picture in perspective…

I’m not small by any means, because i’m 6’2" and weigh nearly 16 stone…that’s just how big Chris and Jon next to me are! :joy: