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YOU CHOOSE! Fantasy Draft with Marvel Fresh Start.


Okay, I’m annoyed with myself for the negativity so let’s try another angle.


Your CB Cebulski. You’ve got a blank canvas. What do you do?

The Rules:
You must pick a MAXIMUM of 30 books with the following-

  • Title: Marks Mighty X-Men
  • Creative team: (Can be extensive as you want but Writer /Artist minimum)
  • Format: Mini / Ongoing/ Other
    *Elevator Pitch: e.g Old Man Logan: Older Wolverine set in a future universe where the supervillains overthrew the superheroes
  • Rationale for each book: Brief sentence about target audience/ potential spinoffs/movie tie in etc
  • Price: US dollars $$
  • Estimated sales: Okay the tough one. Use your best judgment as others will call you out if your dreaming!
    Base off current average from March 2017 Diamond Sales Chart

Have fun!

or don’t. I’m not the boss of you!

Winner is judged by the collective and gets a “Oh no you didn’t” Prize

Marvel Comics: The CB Cebulski Generation Begins!

Writer: Alastair Reynolds
Artist: Any of those french persons who draw totally amazing science fiction comics
Format: Ongoing
Concept: The Fantastic Four explore space, time, the negative zone, djungles, seas, caves and family relations. Much sense of wonder, only a little super-heroing.
Target audience: Me, probably
Sales: It will look awesome enough for 30000


30 books is the first biggest impact. It’d be interesting to see if they went to 30 books would the total number of units purchased go up? It’s a big gamble. It puts half their creators out of a job and could hit comic stores severely if total units roughly remained the same so total revenues decreased. It’s a bit like a supermarket cutting diversity in their shelves.

Marvel had 64 unique titles in January. They had another 50 or so reprints and second orders of previous books. That’s over 100 monthly releases.

The core structure would need to be as follows:
Team books: Avengers x 2, X Men x 4, Guardians, Fantastic Four, Inhumans, Runaways, Champions
Solo books: Cap, Stark, Thor, Hulk, Spidey, Wolverine, Captain Marvel, Luke and Danny, Ms Marvel, Punisher, Daredevil, Deadpool.

That’s 23 fundamental books that you can’t do without. They typically have 4 Star Wars going right now. So that’s 3 left over for everything new they’d try. That right there makes the idea tough to elaborate on. The extra stuff is usually where the excitement happens.


Title: The Invaders
Creative team: Jason Aaron and Doug Mahnke
Format: Ongoing

*Elevator Pitch: The Avengers’ quick reaction strike force. When the Avengers need the biggest amount of destruction in the quickest amount of time, when they have a problem and no one else can help they send in The Invaders. Invaders leader the Winter Soldier is joined by War Machine, Ares, Union Jack and the Destroyer.
Rationale for each book: Heroes fighting terrestrial and extraterrestrial villains, not each other.
Price: US dollars $2.99
Estimated sales: At least one, probably ten million because it’s a great idea.


Fantasy draft, there’s no ‘need to be’

I’d pare some of your ‘necessary’ team books for a start. Run with 1 Avengers book for a while, 2 X-Men books. Inhumans as a franchise-leader was an experiment that failed; fold those characters back into either the Fantastic Four’s world, or a Guardians-type space book. That frees up an extra 4 slots for random innovation for you. I’d keep a Defenders-type team book, drop the Luke and Danny book and stick a Silver Surfer solo title back into the mix.

And then I’d find some ideas people to fill in the spaces


I’m giving your post a like for including Union Jack. It would be great to see him pop up more.


TITLE: Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD
WRITER/ARTIST: Mike Costa/Stuart Immonen
ELEVATOR PITCH: Nick Fury is the ultimate intelligence operative. But this time he’s on his boldest mission yet: infiltrating Hydra! This is the secret origin of Nick’s career with SHIELD.
RATIONALE: C’mon. Nick Fury. Dude ought to have his own title once and a while. And no offense to current SHIELD material, but if it doesn’t feature Nick Fury, there’s not a whole lot of point to it. Build the rest of the team around him. And then they’ll have a reason to exist. This whole thing would reestablish the brand’s credibility.
PRICE: $2.99
ESTIMATED SALES: 40,000? Hopefully. At least!

(This is totally Costa revisiting his Cobra origins. It’s a damn shame this run isn’t already outright legendary. So he gets to do it again, at a much higher profile. With my all-time favorite artist.)


My reasoning is a team book is six characters, and the Avengers have around 12 A/B list characters.

Similarly the X Men have 12 A/B type characters, then you add X Force and New Mutants.

It feels like Marvel have around 60 characters who need roles in monthly books.


And Cable isn’t one of them. :wink:


I agree. Huge fan of his.


Yeah - but I’m not sure Marvel are going to get out of their current problems by doing more of the same thing in a slightly different way. A genuine Fresh Start probably means throwing out some of the preconceived notions and running with it.

If the FF is on its way back, I’ll be really interested to see if the time away has allowed people to think about the characters in a different way, or if they’ll just come back as the distilled “pure” version of themselves.



Ok, I got this.

gets some blank paper to start listing current creators


thinks some more

Umm… is Roy Thomas available? :confused:


I would buy this.