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X-Men Apocalypse: The Official "I JUST SEEN IT!" Thread! (SPOILERS!!!)


I actually planned to see this tonight, but it turns out the time I wanted to go was bang on the middle of the Millarworld chat today (2pm NY time). No biggie. It’ll keep till tomorrow.

What did y’all think? Have any of the Aussies seen it yet, you guys living 12 hours in the future like some Melbourne and Sydney Buck Rogers?


X-Men: Apocalypse Discussion, WITH SPOILERS

It comes out here in 5 hours.

But I wont be seeing it until Friday afternoon on account of stupid dumb lawyering…

…stupid adulthood…

PS… For the record, im more excited about this than either Fightman vs SuperRage or Captain Sadsack vs Irony Man.





I’m seeing it Saturday… so I should probably stay away from this thread until then.



I’m glad people are excited to see it but so far nothing has grabbed me with the advertising. The promise of Weapon X is tempting but I can’t imagine that being a very big plot point. Unless I hear something that interests me out of this one, I’ll probably wait for Blu Ray at the earliest.


Also because X-Men isn’t opening in the US this weekend but I think even if it was, I’d still be seeing the Nice Guys instead.


The movie opens in most of the world tomorrow, and in the US on the 27th, so here’s a thread for discussing it, spoilers and all.


Probably will see it, but after payday, so about a week late.


I’ll be seeing it the weekend it comes out.


I’m forgetting the director’s preference. 3D or IMAX on this one?

(I prefer IMAX, fwiw).


Apparently the 3D is good.

Singer did shoot in 3D


I’m one of the nutters that went to the midnight release. There were good bits and bad bits, but overall I enjoyed it :slight_smile:


Oh…that’s out already?

That got a great write up in Cannes.

Also, if anyone sees X-Men, can you please give me a vague thumbs up or down to indicate whether it is worth my €12? Mrs Jones isn’t interested, so I will be seeing this one on my own.


I was looking forward to Apocalypse way more than the other 2 and I’d say if you liked the trailer you’ll enjoy it although the storytelling does lack cohesion at times. It’s flawed but fun and also has a couple of surprisingly dark and violent sequences, so tonally it does jump around a tad.

There are a few set-pieces that would look stunning in 3D especially the bit where… (redacted) oh, and the part with… < redacted >

Stick around for the post-credit scene too.

I think Mrs Jones would enjoy it, Simon if she’s familiar with the story so far.


Thank you. I will mention that to her.


It is quite cartoony, comic booky at times, much more so than previous instalments, if you get what I mean - in terms of costumes and vibe - so bear that in mind.


I saw it this morning. The critics have it wrong. This is no way a 52% movie, it’s way worse. This might sound like an over reaction but this easily goes straight into my all time top 20 worst movies. I’d probably give it 1/10.

Every scene with Apocalypse is excruciatingly painful. The script is awful and every 10 minutes there seems to be a moody moment with angst filled drama, self reflection or inspiring speeches. It’s cringe worthy. The acting isn’t much better with Sansa Stark and her terrible American accent being the worst. I also though the direction was pretty poor. It actually has me questioning whether Singer is a good director or not. For the record I’d give First Class 6.5 and Days of Future Past 7.5 (or maybe 8).

Storm, Psylocke and Angel are wasted and these, supposedly strongest, fittest mutants are defeated by some untrained teenagers. There is a boat load of other stuff I hated about it but I don’t want to remind myself so I’m stopping there. At least the Quicksilver scene was fairly fun.

My overriding thought is that when the movie finished I actually felt angry that I’d wasted £8.75 and 2 hours of my life on a film I know I’ll never watch again.

edit: re 3D, I can’t remember any moments that stood out. If you feel like you have to see it, (I pity you) go for 2D.


You don’t have to redact here. This is the spoiler thread. Anyone posting here is expecting spoilers.

How big of a part does the Weapon X thing and Wolverine play?


Well if we’re allowed spoilers…A very small but awesome part, and how Wolverine should have been in the Origins film. The after credits scene got me super excited though, with hints at X-23 and Mr Sinister :smiley:


No Bobby. Don’t hold back. Say what you really think :wink: