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X-Men: Apocalypse (SPOILER-FREE)


The movie is out in most of the world in ten days, and the reviews are due tomorrow evening (10PM UK time), so here’s a thread.

The trailers haven’t been great, but the same was true of First Class and DoFP, so I have some hopes for it.


I’m surprised every time I see an advert for this that it’s out so soon. I keep thinking it’s not out til the end of the summer. I think it looks ok (arbitrary baldness aside) but I’m not sure I can bothered to go see it as soon as it opens.


I’m looking forward to it. I hope Quicksilver has a great scene like in DoFP


He has a tremendously cheesy advert for Sky fibre broadband at least.


Which is odd, as he’s from the eighties. Did the timeline changes give them broadband 20 years early? :confused:


I think Kitty sends back Wifi signals.


I wonder if my posts will survive here


My brother is excited to see this movie. Although, I can’t help but feel that there’s not that much hype for this movie. It kinda feels like it’s too similar to DoFP with the world ending scenario. Just my personal thought though.


This movie does seem to have kind of gotten lost in the shuffle between Deadpool, BvS, Civil War, and Suicide Squad. I’m still looking forward to it, but the marketing campaign for this one seems almost non-existent.


Not real interested in this one. Though I did end up liking DoFP better than I thought I would.


Not enough pouches for your 90s sensibilities? :wink:


Exactly! :wink:


Pre-feel: I am (halfway to the opposite of excited?)… comfortably mellow. I will probably see it in a theater.

Speculation: This movie is going to be… meh.

I’m thinking something in between BvS (zack, I am disappoint) and GotG (cheese’n awesome-sauce), along the lines of a lot of well-acted, good looking character moments with nice feels, held together by an overarching plot of “one-dimensional villain designed only for killing”. More cheese, less sauce.

I have been (mildly) underwhelmed with every X-men movie thus far, except for X2 and First Class. (Deadpool doesn’t count.)

This time, I’m not getting my hopes up.


I think I will enjoy it, and enjoy it better not expecting much from it.

…BvS still hurts.


It has Singer.

That’s all I need to know that it’s probably going to be excellent.


That’s how I felt about Superman Returns.

Word perfect.


…people were excited for Superman Returns?

The faux-retro aesthetic was unappealing


… WHO THE HECK WASN’T!? It was FRIGGIN SUPERMAN on the silver screen! I wasn’t even born back in '78 - It was going to be super-duper-awe-sauce!

Partially because of the great faith I invested into Singer.


I may have a distaste for the DCAU as a whole in the present day, but back then all I needed were the toons.

Looking back, so much of the production would have turned me off of Returns


I must admit. Superman Returns was the first Superman movie that I’ve seen and sad to say, I wasn’t impressed.


How did you feel about Supes before SR? (Had you read any?)