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X-Files Rebirth!


The new X-Files was so bad. Shockingly bad. Chris Carter’s script was like fan fiction. Not just its hackneyed twists on continuity, but every scene was sapped of character and suspense, just characters speaking in boring run-on sentences at each other. The editing of these conversations was hilariously amateurish, the best being the conversation between Mulder and a doctor at the National Mall. The whole episode went by weirdly fast, too. It felt like a parody video actors do of their work for late night talk shows. And either the script or age has sapped David Duchovny of all his charisma, which was sad to see.

What Are You Watching? 2015-2016 Season

Well that’s my bubble burst


Although after just checking ratings so far on IMDB & the unanimously positive critic reviews, maybe there’s no need to panic just yet.


The 1st ep has not been getting unanimously positive reviews. Variety, Hollywood Reporter, AV Club, and Entertainment Weekly were all lukewarm or negative.

I’ve read that eps 2 and 3 were better received. And 3 is written by Darin Morgan, who wrote my favorite episode, “Humbug,” (as well as “Clyde Bruckman” and “Jose Chang”) so I’m still hopeful. I never thought the Chris Carter-penned episodes were that good anyway (weird, as it’s his creation, but I think the talent he brought around him was often better than his own).


Look here. It really IS the damned alien overlords.

Whom I, for one, welcome.



I thought it was okay.

It was a mythology episode.

The X-Files created these tropes pretty much, and they stuck to it here, which is probably going to make it seem worn and cliched.

I still enjoyed it, but agree it went by very fast and there were some frustrating points and my interest was never fully captured. But, all in all, no cries for alarm.


The 4 or 5 i checked were all positive. Unanimous was a poor choice of word. It does fill me with a bit more hope though.


If the pacing continues in the other five episodes it might just mean kicking open a different market. All I know is by the next episode (tomorrow, versus Supergirl, likely) Mulder shaves.

So, what’s the term for the opposite of “decompression”?

For those waiting to watch football games, do not clicky here yet.

And, yes, there is much celebrating here and the Denver Broncos are going to the Super Bowl™. The Sheriff is ready for a showdown.


Dedecompression, obviously.



Edit: No, you’re right. That just sounds silly.


I hear tell they tried to pay Gillian Anderson half of what David Duchnovy was offered for the remake…


Yeah, I read that, too. It should’ve been the other way around! :wink:


That was almost literally what Laura said when I told her


Ugh…X-Files was a suckfest.


I just watched X-Files.

That was… not good at all.

It crammed way, way too much into a single episode and seemed to ignore all of Scully’s character growth. I love Joel McHale but that was not one of his best performances. I’ll continue since it’s only 6 episodes but I hope it improves after that one.

I did catch one small detail that made me laugh out loud. I don’t know if it was intentional or not but the site where Scully is watching the Kimmel/Obama clip is called Mind Quad. That was hilarious.


Pardon my language, but that X-Files episode was a fucking travesty

Calling it a parody is spot on. The dialogue is so unnatural it’s hilarious.
The back and forth between Duchovney And McHale, with all that bloody stock footage, was unbearable to watch.

I think I’ll just wait to see what the reviews are like before I bother with the rest of this season.


I’ll jump on the X-Files hate, mostly in relation to the dialogue and even the acting. Mudler and Scully would just randomly emote these hack lines to each other with no build up at all…I would have rather they played it cool and detached.

I had just re-watched the series finale minutes before watching this episode, and I still have so many questions: What happened to Alan Dale’s character from that tribunal? That psychic kid was all “I can read all minds, even his. he’s not even human.” (that scene, and the way it played out gave me legit goosebumps, even all these years later).


The second X-Files episode was really good! James Wong writes and directs and he is able to slip right back into the X-Files feel in the way Chris Carter wasn’t last episode. The problems last night really were down to the script and direction. I don’t think any actor could’ve pulled off that dialogue. Here, Mulder feels mostly like himself again, Scully is exactly herself. The scenes feel like glimpses into a world rather than packets of exposition clumsily strung together. And the end is actually pretty emotionally affecting. The episode doesn’t rank up there with the best or anything, but it feels like a proper return.


At this stage in her career, I suspect that while the X-Files might be nice to dip back into, she probably has the option to say no if the conditions aren’t right. She’s had a fairly acclaimed run in A Streetcar Named Desire over the last couple of years and The Fall has done really well.

She did an interview a while back on the Empire podcast and she seems incredibly nice…and very forgetful.


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