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I went to a Marvel editors panel at C2E2 a couple of years ago, and their suggestion to the audience was to create a positive and productive online presence, which is why I started my Tumblr page. I got some great write ups on my detective strip Greye of Scotland Yard (Comixology), but for my shorter, older and spur-of-the-moment projects, it’s nice to have an outlet.

So, if you’re looking for something to read, the virtual door is always open at

Some recent happenings:
AIN’T NO PRINCESS - A new chapter every Wednesday, from Sept. 2 and concluding Dec. 9 about the effects a barbarian woman’s rebellion has across a misogynistic society.

SLICE OF LIFE - Ran from April 29 - June 10. I like the content of this, which has each chapter highlight the emotional beat of a murder investigation, but I was just finding my feet with Tumblr. Ideally, it was a going to be a 9-panel interlocking grid, like Tetris pieces, but some pages got compressed and others didn’t. A good experiment.

There also some short stories, short comics and a comic I did in high school called Life Sentence, about a man trying to move on with his life, but at each stage is reminded of his service in Vietnam.

I’m writing a new murder mystery comic that I’ve thumbnailed at 81 pages, so I don’t know if that’s going to make it to Tumblr next year or maybe go on sale at an outlet like Comixology. It’s unapologetic and ballsy, so hopefully I can a find a publishing house to call it home. We’ll see.

Enjoy the reads!

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