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Writer seeks artist for Christmas story - paid gig


Hi. I’m Nick, I posted a story I’d published online here in this thread a few weeks back.

I was hoping to publish a four-page Christmas story on the same website in early-to-mid Dec, but the artist I’d tried to line up doesn’t seem to have worked out. So I thought I’d see if anyone here fancied it.

Broadly, it’s a four page story about aliens trying to implement Christmas on their planet for economic reasons - a little bit of heart, a little bit of silly humour. Probably needs an expressive, light style in a similar (but not necessarily identical) vein to the one I posted above.

As it says in the title, this is a paid gig, with the added stipulation that you’ll need to be able to do it by the end of Nov or the first few days of Dec. If you think you can make it, reply below or DM me on here with links to sequential samples. Feel free to pass this to anyone who might be right for it.


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‘Writer seeks artist’ had never really worked on the board Nick (welcome back by the way). They always get ignored.

Try some of the art threads instead and pitch them your story.


Yeah, I took your advice, DMed someone directly and we may have worked the whole thing out over the course of a few messages. So good call, thanks. And for anyone who is reading this because they fancy the job, it looks like it’s gone, sorry!

(Good to be back. Even if my authentic old school account appears to have vanished into the cybervoid.)


Glad it worked.

Yeah everyone’s old board IDs are gone from when we switched over to a new provider and board. Everyone’s pre 2015 lives on only in our memories. :smile:


Hello ,my name is Rafael , I have been Brazilian and I have been working in the market for almost 10 years, I have done work for Titan Comics, Lions Forge, Red Anvil, Advent Comics and several Brazilian publishers, I produce my authorial material to be published in Brazil.
In my portfolio you will see many styles and many comic pages.
My page rates is $80.00 (but negotiable)
In the coming weeks I will update with more pages and works.

I hope you like it, big hug and success!


Yeah, I saw your stuff in your thread, it looks great. I think I’m good for the Christmas story, but once I’ve finalised one of the other scripts I’m looking at (and maybe scraped together a bit more cash), I may well be in touch.


Ok my friend, no problem.