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Writer’s room of Millarworlders


If you think that’s cool, then here’s my totally not a rip-off character Hurrah O’Harahan.
He’s a golden age pugilist.

Copyright pending.


He sounds dreamy.


Like the kind of guy you just want to snuggle with on a cold, snowy night. :wink:


Is he free on Wednesday??


Probably if he’s not snowed in. :wink:


Me if he is:





…or isn’t. :wink::wink::wink::wink::wink::wink::wink::wink::wink:


On a more serious note though, there is a fair bit of rip-offery in Sky Fortress Goya, but only really to take that cool stuff and tear it apart and make it say words like fuck-rockets and cunt-boffins, be a real arsehole and take archtypes people know and go mad places with them. Nothing’s original these days, I just want it to be our type of awesome.


I’m supremely interested, if nothing else to be a fly on the wall until I get bold enough to present an idea.


Happy Days. Ultimately you don’t really need to put up a story idea to be involved, you can assess the scripts in an advisory capacity and any of your ideas shared amongst the room are viable for use. As I say, I’m a stickler for credit so having everything documented will make sure everyone involved’s part is recorded no matter how small or large. The final decisions come down to me but I’m open minded and will certainly not just brush off any ideas without a logical reason, as long as the tone is kept strong, the plotting is not full of holes and characters don’t act against who they are, I’m open to pretty much anything. The story is quite open in my head, I only have a general map of the plot, there’s plenty of room to manouvre.

I’ve always liked the idea of working like this on a project and I think this one is perfect. There’s a lot of different characters for people to play with so it also means there’s a lot of variety in the ground that can be covered for everyone involved.


I’m in if you’re still looking for people.


This is… Interesting… :smile:


If you’re interested, I’ll help write.


I would be happy to tackle this. Do you have a production schedule in mind?


I’ve very little in mind bar the characters and general plot right now. I’d like to put together around 15 scripts in a coherent season arc. I have about four I’d like to write fully, including the ‘pilot’ which I’m 2nd drafting now, for this, and I have a few A and B plots for other episodes. I would also like to do this under the premise that it actually has a budget, so the more that can be done ‘on-ship’ the better, and I have very divisive characters and an onboard set-up that should make it reasonably easy to get real, ‘human’ drama (breaking bad style) without breaking any imaginary constraints there. While it’s mostly for fun, it would be pretty pointless to script something that could never conceivably be made.

I’ll be putting up some details of the characters and the plot at some point soon, sometime on Monday or Tuesday I think, then anyone who wants to jump on board, I’ll set up a private mail group chat in order to work as a writer’s room.


Thank God, character development! I look forward to learning more.




This will be slow moving unfortunately as I’m very busy at work but I will have more details up asap - I’m aiming for Monday or Tuesday - and then we can move to a pm thread with everyone who wants to be involved.


Awesome. Thanks