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Writer’s room of Millarworlders


I have very little time to write everything I want and was thinking about setting up a writer’s room for a project, would anyone be interested?


Tell me more…

Although “Millarworld Writers Room” is a bit misleading if the general public catches wind of it.


MIsleading as in nothing to do with Mr Millar.



Can a mod rename it “Writer’s room of Millarworlders?”

And maybe even move it to the other place?

It will have to be done in a PM thread in any case otherwise SPOILERS :wink:


I’m just checking for interest right now but I know there’s talent here and would be a nice team building excercise. It’s a decent enough wee project, it’s called Sky Fortress Goya and it’s starship/action/suspence/adventure type TV idea. I don’t want it to go to waste but I have no time to write it all on my own so thinking about this as it would be good craic.


I have no idea how a writer’s room works. In my head, a bunch of writers sit around a table (possibly a virtual table) and write a story together. In which case, I can’t see how it actually saves you time.

So presumably that’s not actually how it works?


Kind of. Works differently for different shows.

Basically it would work like this - I’d be creator and head writer, I’d write the pilot and provide general series/character arcs as well as ideas for the individual episodes.

The writers could then pick an episode to write or put in an idea for an episode they would like to write. That script would be dissected by the entire writer’s room and drafts would be rewritten. Then as head writer I would make final decision on any rewriting or signing off when it’s ready (I’m pretty laid back and would want people to fight for their darlings but I do know the characters pretty well, too, so I’ll fight against a character acting out of character).

If there is anyone who doesn’t have time to write a full script it can be co-written and we don’t really have any deadlines. There’s people like @Lorcan_Nagle and @Jim and @RonnieM and @Tom_Punk among loads of others who I’ve seen have a ton of cool ideas about where things should go in comics and movies and tv shows but not necessarily into writing full episodes. Then they can have a co-writing credit with someone who puts those ideas into a script.

Ultimately it’s just a bit of fun and I just have too many projects I’d love to see come to life and very little time, but I’m a stickler for credit even for a wee fun project.

Oh, and it’s kind of mature audience Blakes 7/BSG/Babylon 5/Star Trek/Star Wars. It’s basically those things if all the protagonists were full blown bastards and assholes with no interest in being heroes getting manipulated and used by a Spacecraft’s AI who all gradually grow to be genuine heroes despite being complete cunts.The majority of main characters are alien.



This is because of the Murphy Brown jokes, isn’t it?




You’re fired.


Yeah, fired up for your knowledge on Sky Fortresses!


Damn, I was away at a funeral today.

But sign me up. Only credits to my name are the co-written Annual submission that made the rounds last year.


Sorry to hear.

Lots of time though, no rush and people can jump on board whenever. I’ll hash out a quick overview over the next day or two as there’s not much info for people to go on thus far.


I’m afraid I’m not able to join. I’m working with the Chief a lot these days, and I don’t want to risk mixing ideas. Looking forward to seeing what comes of this though.


Don’t listen to him, @ParkerMcTwatface. The Chief keeps kindly passing up his “Adventures of Gym O’Hura, Space Outlaw” idea. :wink:


I’m interested.


No probs. It’s mostly for fun but if it does come together then by all means I’m pretty sure we’ll share the scripts to read.

Funnily enough…

I mentioned a while ago that I named a character after the moniker Jim O’Hara (I’ve characters named after loads of Millarworlders). James ‘Alik’ O’Hara is the sometimes bumbling, sometimes awesome, Captain of Sky Fortress Goya. A company called O’Hara made a lot of clones, then they went out of business, leaving some clone models with inactive memory DNA that may never be activated.

Thankfully, Goya knows exactly how to activate the military DNA memory in the James models that means Alik is in the perfect position to become ship’s captain.

He’s pretty fucking cool.

His second in command is ‘Kerr Avon’ multiplied by ten. Imagine Starlord and an alien Vincenzo Coccotti forced to work together in a Kirk/Spock relationship. It’s great.


Good, once I have some more details up and we work out who’s onboard I’ll set up a PM thread and add everyone who wants to be involved at that point, so keep an eye on this thread.