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Writer looking for artists to collaborate with in 2017!


The Millarworld Annual contest has obviously brought together a bunch of talented people here on Millarworld. It would be a shame not to capitalise on that.

Are there any artists out there looking for a writer to collaborate with next year? I’d love to find artists that I can develop some short portfolio comics with as partners rather than as work for hire. Maybe small serials for a web comic or an anthology.

Here’s some information on my last project so people can see I’m credible.

Towards the end of the thread I mention a couple of projects I had in mind but am happy to come up with new ideas with the right artists.

Anyone interested let me know.

P.S - I originally posted this in another thread but am posting separately now so its not missed.


Work with this guy!
He is going places!


Thanks Matt! Hope I can find someone that is interested in developing a concept together.


Not an artist myself, but I suspect a number of them will want to know if you will be paying your artists. “Developing a concept together” sounds suspiciously like ‘no upfront payment’.

However I could have horrifically misinterpreted this thread entirely.


I’m interested in possibly doing a short project. What all do you have still?


Hi @atomictimepiece,

For my first anthology I paid artists. Now I want to try and work with collaborators as I made clear in the first post. Not being cheap just want to try a different way of working.

Am happy to pay for printing / web hosting etc.




The “One Small Step” story sounds pretty interesting. Are these the projects you are looking to collaborate on, or are they from your anthology from last year?


Hi @Skiptattoos,

Thanks for getting in touch. ‘One Small Step’ is from my previous anthology. I’ll share a PDF copy with you when next on the laptop.

I’m either planning to do a follow up volume of Impossible Tales around a different theme or another anthology / web comic.

What are your interests? What do you enjoy drawing?

Do you have any art samples online?




I can send some samples. I don’t have a preferred style. Most of this year was spent writing out a story for myself and then developing a set of characters I could draw from panel to panel.


Here are a couple samples from earlier this year, they’re scans of traditional pencils and inks, it seems like anything I did digital is too big to upload.



Just sent you a PDF of the anthology. Your samples look good. They are a similar style to the ones you submitted for the annual. Are these from the story you were working on yourself? What was it about?




It’s a mess. I haven’t gotten the idea out on paper correctly, so I am working with an editor and putting the artwork on hold until I have the story written out entirely. Basically, is about a miserable ex-college athlete who writes science fiction stories for a tabloid, as he isn’t the most imaginative he gets the majority of his source material from his neighbor, who happens to be a mortician. That is until an anonymous tip, leads him to the greatest source material imaginable. An orphanage for Monsters and the offspring of Circus Sideshow workers.


Wow. Cool idea. That is very ambitious right off the bat. I can see why you are having trouble getting it written down. Sounds like its going to be very complex. Have you done any smaller pieces to work up to it? Maybe you could do some short comics based on stories that your character produced as a warm up to the main work?


I wrote 150 pages. The issue is, after the writing is done, and I start with page one, I start thinking if better starting points, or interactions with the characters. While I get it re written I figured I’d do a few smaller pencilling projects to keep moving forward with the art as well.


Garvey speaks the truth. Impossible Tales is all sorts of fun.


Hello, Please, visit my Blog and maybe, if you like, we can work together.


Hello everyone, I’m also a writer looking to collaborate with someone on the next Impossible Tales series. If you email me at I can send you scripts. If you’re not interested in the Impossible Tales series, which you should be, we can work on something else.



Hello and merry Christmas to everyone. I draw comics (not professionally) and I would be interested to assist in a small project like 4-5 pages comic with a awesome twist at the end. Look some of my work here and message me if you are interested. :smiley: .


I have been looking at your work. It is very impressive. Do you do your own colouring?


yes. After I admitted that I will never be Brian Bolland in line art I try hard to improve in color art also to make my art better.