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WRITE OFF 9: RETURN OF A SUPERMAN (With Superman as a template, craft the story of a Hero's return)


I’m about 90% there with about two weeks to go. This was interesting. Lot of time to obsessively think about story structure, dialogue, character motivation…and I still did not follow protocol with faith-based abilities.:see_no_evil:

I will explain why after I post the story.

I’m looking forward to reading and re-reading these.
Thanks, Jason


Tonight at midnight is the deadline! Is there anyone that needs it extended?


Nope.I’ll Send you a DM this afternoon.did I say one? I meant four! Sorry about the formatting! I’m using word perfect app. No may gusta.


Are you keeping this open for more submissions?


I have a sneaking suspicion that you and I are the only entries.


We’ve got about four submissions total. If you want, we can extend the deadline and see what happens.


Unlikely unless someone asks. The other folks who responded here all wanted to change the rules and then walked away.


If all agree, I’ll post everything and we can read and “Do what we do”.

I’m sorry…I didn’t write something.

Allow me to explain. In my story it’s revealed that the “villains” are Steven’s parents.

They manipulate him into doing things to end his being a superhero. They had lost him once and weren’t willing to lose him again.

Without explaining, that’s the only story I…wanted to write. And I couldn’t.

This is our domain, let me know what ya want to do.


You should still write that, contest or not.


If you decided not to write it because you thought it violated the rules, don’t be silly. If you couldn’t figure out how, then just post the ones you’ve got.


Without making this about me, the trouble I had was that I started thinking about what a parent would/could do to protect their child. I didn’t intend that when this prompt was put together. If ya know of my recent history, this line of thought hit a little too close to home. Things got “dark” and I couldn’t entertain it.


I went back and reminded myself what you said about your recent history. You said at the time that this would be like therapy. I can think of no better therapy than writing. If you feel up to it, I’d encourage you to take the time to write something. If not, thank you for taking the time to host this in the first place, and sorry again for your losses.


Thank you all for the encouragement.

I’ll see what I can do to get that story together. Still, I don’t want to hold things up any longer. We’re here to work and get better.


Meh. Life is more important. If you want to take the time, do it. Or do it purely for yourself, now or later. If you’re a writer, that’s what you do, you process the world, and your experiences, through your writing. We’re lucky, in a way.


Working on a script, Bruce? How goes it?


Um. How do we feel about putting this one on hold and start a new round? A new writing challenge?


We could certainly do that.


Alternatively I can open a thread this weekend for this round’s scripts, and we can post what we’ve written. If Bruce is writing something he can post it there when he’s ready.


That’s a better idea. Lets do that.


Agreed. I’ve held things up long enough, can work it out on my own time. Thank you for your patience. Let’s keep things moving and post these stories.