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WRITE OFF 9: RETURN OF A SUPERMAN (With Superman as a template, craft the story of a Hero's return)


I’m sure Bamsmash has already been copyrighted by Rob Liefeld :wink:


Best I could come up with for Parasite is Sponge. Leech is already taken.


What do you think of INCUBUS?


Wow. Do you know how close I was to teaming up Exemplar and Jesus to fight crime in the big city? That was idea number one and I threw it away! Oh, well. I’m sure this guy is 1,000x smarter than I am and will leave out all immature jokes I would have included.

Update: Edited in light of the James Gunn fiasco. 7/20/18. :open_mouth:


Exemplaire = Supergirl.

I need to use her for my story…

Also, what about Apokolips, and New Genesis and Darkseid, Parademons and all of that?

Krypton is Exemplium?


Planet Krypton = Pi Odysseus 10

“…Exemplaire = Supergirl”

I believe this is the FRENCH form of the word.

Because of the similarity in spelling, the two names could get confused. Try to distinguish the two by putting one in BOLD TYPE or something?

°Darkseid = Despondent

°Apokolips = Armageddon

°New Genesis = Now Genesis

°Parademons = Pessidemons


I think what Fledgling meant is what is the name for Kryptonite?

Would the name still be derived from the planet name?


Got ya😄
This is where the character deviates from basic Superman ideals.

Superman’s weakness is Kryptonite. His source of strength is the sun.

In our stories, it’s the power of BELIEF that strengthens or weakens our hero EXEMPLAR.

He’s strengthened/most powerful when HE and OTHER PEOPLE belive in him and what he’s doing.

On the reverse, when he doesn’t believe in himself or others don’t have faith in him, the weaker he becomes.

°His powers work similar to the Marvel character GLADIATOR.


Yeah, coming up with a female version of the name could be kinda difficult, aside from maybe Exempla, Ms. Exemplar, or Exemplarette.


I like Ms. Exemplar. It’s like Ms. Marvel. Let’s go with that.


My script will also include Laureate’s daughter Tessa. Unlikely as it is that someone else includes this character, there she is.


Something I found for Mr. Mxyzptlk:


I doubt I’ll submit one for this, but I have a picture in my mind of Captain Popularity frantically checking his facebook and twitter to may sure he’s got enough “likes” to use his powers.

One controversial post could be his undoing. Maybe he returns to delete a ten year old bad joke he once tweeted.


Hah!:smile: Most of Exemplar’s abilities come from his belief in himself. As a result, he has a lot of “internal conversation”. Sometimes you believe you can do something…Sometimes not. Other’s opinions can bolster ya and you can get the job done. Thus, the strength of “fan support”. Let’s be real, if HE’s the only thing standing between death and survival, who ya gonna CHEER for?


I kinda like the idea that other people’s belief in him is more important. Just from a metaphorical level it would be much more challenging and pretty funny. In the middle of a battle with Marshall Shout, who’s more powerful the more he’s hated, Captain Popularity’s best friend, Lars O’Niel would be on an earpiece reporting the results of the “Should Cap snap Shout’s neck?”

“Lars, what’s the count? I need to end this!”

“Sorry, Cap. It’s still 75% saying ‘Cap does NOT kill.’”

“But he just knock over the Statue of Liberty!”

“You gotta find some other way, man!”

“Start a new poll. ‘Should Cap paralyze Shout for life?’”

“On it!”


I love it! Maybe we can revisit this character at a later time and write it with that slant😃


Finished my script. Wrote twenty-two pages (just noticed that it was supposed to be a clean twenty). If you want to add in any of the details to the general prompt (the name of the paper as the Acropolis Times, the idea of its building being topped by a model of the sun rather than the planet, the color scheme of Exemplar’s and Laureate’s costumes), feel free to.


Do we have to use the characters listed below or can we use public domain and or our own?


Pretty sure the idea is for everyone to do their interpretation of the given scenario and the given characters.


Check out The New World by Ales Kot, what you described is in that book.