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WRITE OFF 9: RETURN OF A SUPERMAN (With Superman as a template, craft the story of a Hero's return)


Time to get to the business of putting thoughts on page.


This round were taking a step away from “playing in someone else’s sandbox”.

Using Superman and all his history as a loose guide, I want you to write an original story involving…THE RETURN OF A HERO.

Story starts with “SUPERMAN” character returning from a long absence. His goal is to “tie up loose ends”.

Below is a list of character names.

Keep in mind we’re modeling things after Superman and his GENERAL history.

° No more than twenty pages.

°Deadline is August 14 (roughly two and a half months from tomorrow).

° Participants will PM me (BruceNorris) directly, with your script in the PM itself, not as an attachment but as the body of it.


Superman’s weakness is Kryptonite. His source of strength is the sun.

In our stories, it’s the power of BELIEF that strengthens or weakens our hero EXEMPLAR.

He’s strengthened/most powerful when HE and OTHER PEOPLE belive in him and what he’s doing.

On the reverse, when he doesn’t believe in himself or others don’t have faith in him, the weaker he becomes.

° Superman = Exemplar
(Clark Kent/Kal - El = Steven Stoneheart/*Sephren - Neawa)

*It’s his “alien name” and should be hard to pronounce.

°Ms. Exemplar = Supergirl

°Jonathan/Martha Kent = *Mecartney/Megan Stoneheart

*Megan calls him “Carrey” for short.

°Lex Luthor/*Laureate = Ryan Williams
*Alter ego - Like Luthor in his armor.

°Lois Lane = *Penelope Liquor
*Called “P” for short.

°Lana Lang = Danea

°Perry White = Jerry West

°Jimmy Olsen = Cameron Coleman
*Called “Cam” for short.

°General Zod = Korin Ma

°Jor - El = Jwyan - Neawa

°Planet Krypton = Pi Odysseus 10

°Smallville = Fairborn

°Metropolis = Acropolis

°Brainiac = Calculo

°Bizzaro = Backwardo

°Doomsday = Ruination

°Parasite = Incubus

°Darkseid = Despondent

°Apokolips = Armageddon

°New Genesis = Now Genesis

°Parademons = Pessidemons


Maybe spice up the title: RETURN OF “A” SUPERMAN


How do ya tell people your story topic with such a small space? Damn, this is already hard😄


Your edit is good!


° I’m thinking MOST of Exemplar’s power comes from his belief in himself, powers work just like Marvel’s Gladiator.

° The plus is that OTHER’s beliefs “enhance/inhibits” his abilities roughly 10%.


That handy little boost that hometown teams benefit from.


Is our hero still from Kansas?



Exemplar resembles Superman in most ways.


Ok . And the name for Smallville?


Maybe this could help:


Smallville = Fairborn


What about a name for Metropolis?


The city of Metropolis = The city of Acropolis.


How about:

Brainiac = Computerror

Or Calculo


For someone like Brainiac, I’d go with a synonym. Renaissance Man is pretty evocative, and pushes the character in a new direction, especially if he’s still an alien who collects cities.



Cityopolis? Except he was raised in Townvilleburg, and he escaped the dying planet of Doompiter.

Lex Luthor - Professor Paul Pedant
Brainiac - Smartatron
General Zod - Marshall Shout
Doomsday - Bamsmash
Bizarro - Backwardo
Lois Lane - Elaine Elloise
Perry White - Barry Gray
Jimmy Olson - Lars O’reilly


Above (start of thread) is a list of names to use. Let’s stick to that. Story is the important part.

Brainiac = Calculo

Bizzaro = Backwardo


Names for Doomsday:



Doomsday = Ruination