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Write Off 9: Return of a Superman scripts


I don’t know if Bruce is working on something. If he chimes in with an update, we can work from there.

Do you have an idea for the next Write Off, Jason?


marvel character marries a DC character. Unbeknownst to them, their offspring will usher in the end of both universes! I would call it Unholy union.

What will their friends, enemies, ex-lovers, current lovers, and supporting cast do to keep them apart?

LGBTQ couples welcome to wed. (Just know the chosen surrogate will push out the anti-christ.)

And don’t cop out, and say they’re adopting a kid. There is no escape. Adoption, test tube baby, Turkey baster = Anti-christ, Anti-christ, Anti-christ.

And we need a signal boost, bad. I think if the concept is “wacky” enough or weird enough, people would come in droves. So. I would try to get BC to cover it on a slow news day or something to that effect.

Good? Bad?

And I’m hoping it’s not too insane. Rest assured I have no idea who I’d couple up, but it’s fun to think about. …


Amalgamated! Sounds good! Deadpool and Harley Quinn! United at last! Red Tool to the rescue! Domino! Cable!


Haha i think maybe there’s a little too much character blending in the 616 as it is…so. I’d suggest we shelve that idea for now. It’s too esoteric. I’ve been rereading the old write off prompts and they are definitely more bare-bones, streamlined, than anything in recent memory. So. I’ll start thinking along those lines.

And I’m sure as hell not claiming the next prompt as my own. Just putting out ideas.


It’s not a bad idea, though. Worth keeping in mind.


I didn’t participate, but it would be fun to re imagine a prestige TV show as a Marvel/DC comic from the extreme era .


Ha. Definitely worth considering.


Prestige = cable tv ?


Yeah, but moreso the prized and critically acclaimed shows of the last 10 years or so, Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, Shameless, Weeds, etc. If it was popular and on AMC. HBO, FX, Netflix, HULU, BBC, any major network known for “good” TV or a show being bingable.

A show that person you know who thinks they have impeccable taste won’t shut the fuck up about.

Also, Cable TV is what I thought your Idea was an I pictured a Prestige TV show about Cable, which threw me off.

I don’t think allowing adaptations to go either way would work, as we’ve seen the kinda Marvel Knights-esque shows be adapted to Netflix.


I had this other idea. They use to draw the cover first and then write the story based on that. So. Take your favorite ‘wacky’ silver age DC cover, (Superman with a lion’s head, fat Batman, etc etc) something that was a one-time thing and make it the new status quo. They cant cure it! Our hero has been this way for over a year. How does it effect their secret identity? Their psychology? Fighting style? So. Yeah. Don’t read the issue you borrow the idea from. Cause, aftermath, and cure are all on you.

Let’s stick to physical changes? Those imaginary stories where they wed/become president/raise kids wouldn’t be as strong. Body horror only please. I’d call it ‘incurable’.

What do ya think? download images-3

Ps I thought it’d be cool to post a screenshot of the cover kind of a teaser. And then submit your script.


Great idea.


Is there a cover random generator to make things even wackier?

Edit: There is, I used this website and got this image.



These were very helpful.


Sorry for not following up on this. Is this something people are interested in doing?


Sorry I’ve been gone. What’s the new writing prompt?


Silver Age DC covers used as a prompt. You choose the cover and then write a new script based on the cover. See above for further details.