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Write Off 7: Altered Egos


They see everything. Board members’ identities belong to them, too!


“resistance is futile!”


The cutoff for submissions technically ends today. Any updates, @BeingHenning, @BruceNorris? I know @Shawnmilazzo hasn’t checked in this round, but I wonder if he’s working on something? Anyone else?


Oh, shit guys. Sorry I’ve been busy. I’m gonna end up missing this one. Damn. Thanks for tagging me though.



Figured you were busy. Thanks for letting us know!


Me too - I’ve been storyboarding a short film for a colleague and lost track of time.


Good luck with the project!


Ok safe to say the deadline has been extended?


I can certainly extend it if it means more entries. The month window was far shorter than usual. It can stay open until the end of the month.


Will probably want to confirm that there is interest in keeping it open longer, as I now realize, which means asking once more whether or not @BeingHenning, @Shawnmilazzo, or @BruceNorris are interested in participating at all (as I highly doubt anyone else is going to suddenly show interest, like @SimonJones, who’s skipped these things the last few rounds now, or @csawyer). Otherwise I’m just going to open the polls.

It’s also worth noting that I suspect the Write Offs should take a break and/or find a new host, as I do not have any real pull in convincing people to participate, unlike a more familiar MW member like the founder of the forum who used to run these things.


You do a great job and I don’t think you should “step down”. It’s just,…a way needs to be found to generate more interest.

IMHO, people get excited every year for the writing/art competition…then get pissed they didn’t win. Thus, they come here for a time to “work on their suff”/“exercise angry energies”. As you know, good storytelling and writing requires a commitment to honing skills, not just a sometimes thing. That is the service being provided here.

That said, I didn’t get my story finished in time but was ready to read, vote and “put my two cents in” concerning the entries. I just figured I’d shelf what I had and jump on the next one.

I don’t know about you all, but this Write Off proved to be a challenge. Funny ain’t as easy as people might think. I found the story I wanted to tell, just needed the damn thing to jell/“reveal its specifics to me” in time. That didn’t happen.

I work on several projects at once in an attempt to avoid “down time”. Coming here and participating is a great help.


See, I always think keeping the creative juices flowing with these Write Offs is a good idea, but there have been suggestions in the past that letting them lay fallow for a while is a good thing.

As far as my hosting is concerned, I know I’ve been contentious in the past, and I’m interpreting the low turnout this second hosting round as, at least in part, a result of that.

It’s not surprising that this particular prompt seems to have also been a problem (although even the guy who suggested it didn’t actually participate :stuck_out_tongue: ).

But that’s also kind of surprising, as I’ve seen a marked interest in humor during past Write Offs.

…In case you have no idea that I tend to overanalyze things, Exhibit A, folks…


If we have till the end of this month, I’ll work on finishing my story.

Even a small writing group committed to getting better has value.


Sounds good. I’ll keep it open.


I think you do a great job generating awareness and keeping up the write-offs profile. There have been several rounds of write-offs on the forum over the years, and interest always trails off, so there’s nobody else here, not even the veterans, who can do a better job than you are.

If you’re sick of running it, then by all means take a break – it’s a lot of work to do and nobody expects you to do it if it’s not fun for you too. But don’t step down just because you think you’re failing, because you’re not.


My mother was known as a “worry wart.” I seem to have inherited some of that. Family tradition, yo…


I just saw this and I’m furiously working to get a script typed up. Where to I submit once it’s complete?


You click on my name and select Message and paste your script there. Thanks for participating!


From my perspective, having not been around for the earlier entries, I think these things are both interesting and valuable. I agree with Mr. Norris that even a small group can provide benefit, as long as those in the group are willing to put in effort.

There are a lot of ways these can go, if we discard past rules and formats and look to attempting to provide something useful. Just off the top of my head I could see things like revolving groups of writers and critics, wherein the former would just be writing and the latter critiquing for a set period then reversing roles. I could also see a Tournament of sorts, which would be something like, say, four groups of five who read one another’s work and then pass the “winner” or best two - if common agreement could be made - along to compete against the other groups who would then be judged by all the other groups.

Or something.

I guess what I am saying is that I think that this type of thing is prima facie useful and interesting and I for one hope it continues until such time as I get bored and move on to something else like Suduko or what have you


I dig the writer/critic idea.