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Write Off 7: Altered Egos


For our seventh Write Off, the topic will revolve around known superheroes and their alter egos. Or rather, altered egos. Think Batman, and a buffoon Bruce Wayne, or Deadpool, and a cultured Wade Wilson. We all know Clark Kent the klutz. What if every superhero was like that? What if they were all totally different outside the costume? What if Peter Parker (you know, the guy we wrote about last time) was a bullying jerk?

The way @BeingHenning (our winner last time!) suggested it, this is a chance at comedy. As always, there’s room to do whatever moves you. The only rules are to follow the prompt as closely as possible, come up with no more than 10 pages of script (unless you really, really think you need more), and send the result, in the body itself, to me in a PM.

Ask any questions you need in this thread. The idea this time is to write as quickly as you can, because comedy is best when it’s fresh in your mind, so I’m setting a short deadline, a month from today, August 9th. The winner gets bragging rights, and also the chance to pick the next topic!


@BruceNorris, this one.


For a simple example of the concept-

What if instead of this…

He was this…

Stay classy, Metropolis!


Take it from the man. The more absurd the distortion the better.


So, we’re not to “show another side” of a character’s personality. We’re to give them a different (funny) personality altogether?


Indeed. If you’ve already got an idea, that’s fine. I think it’s mainly about showing the person behind the costume in a way (comedically, if you can pull it off) that hasn’t been considered before.


@Tony_Laplume any formatting tips for me, this go around? Should I not use Scrivener?


Generally follow what scripts looked like last time.


So, what’s going on? Anyone care to chime in saying they’re participating, or thinking of participating? Anyone having trouble?


Can I write a story that uses heroes already made “funny” in “public perception”?

Ex. : T.V. version of Batman or Wonder Woman (LOL, saw an episode with an evil flutist! Some of the best cheese I could ever experience. :smile:)

Would I be cheating?


Nah. There’s always wiggle room. If you have a story, write it!


I wrote two things, And each have their own set of problems…I will only submit the best piece. The 2nd one brakes the 35 words per balloon rule too often. Descriptions tend to get too wordy…2 physical pages for every 1 comic page…I’m starting to see a pattern here.:thinking:


Plenty of time to edit. You already see where the problems are, which will make it easier. You’re free to submit both when they’re ready.


making broad-stroke attempts at being funny by using normally unfunny situations and characters? i am in like a gambler betting with house money.

even though the odds are similarly stacked against me, i’m okay with that, given the competition


Still trying to decide if I want to go with the idea I have or switch to Deadpool…


Anyone having concerns? Anyone else care to chime in that they’re participating?


I’ve got something I’ve thrown together. I will probably send it along this weekend.

Interesting concept, there are a lot of options on the table. I of course took one of the more obvious ones, since I am preternaturally lazy


I look forward to it!


Just a few days away from the deadline. Anyone have anything they’d like to say? Still comfortable with the deadline?


Are our stories, and subsequent millarworld annual submissions, now property of Netflix? Should I trot out my post apocalyptic YA novel? Is now a good time? Is somebody from Netflix watching the message boards?:smiley: (joking…only joking.)