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Write Off 6: Origin of Spider-Man


I’ve been writing a script! Got caught up with school and some other stuff, but I’m still totally interested in this!


Yeah, I gotta get back into it.


No, that all sounds interesting. Absolutely submit it. If you’re happy with the results creatively, absolutely.


12 calendar days remaining…!


YD, can i e-mail my entry? I don’t think it should be voted on because it doesn’t fit the criteria. Merely looking for some feedback. Thanks, Hazard.


No, I’ll accept it into the competition. If it’s vaguely Spider-Man origin-y, then you’re good.


My script looks like it’s gonna be a page or three longer than the ten page limit. I’ll try to cut it down. Is thirteen acceptable?


Perfectly fine.


The entries are starting to pour in! Thank you to everyone who’s already sent one, and anyone else who’s working on something. You’ve got five days left. If you need an extension don’t hesitate to ask. We can always postpone voting.


Two calendar days remaining to send in entries. If you need or want an extension, please let me know. Otherwise I plan to have the voting open starting midnight June 1, EST.


Okay, sounds like we’re going to keep it open an extra week, meaning the submission period will now end next Wednesday, 6/7.

…No, I am not crazy. I was PMed.


Just a reminder: you have five days left now.


One day left. This is the last time I’m posting in this thread unless someone else says something. Polls will open midnight tomorrow.