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Write Off 6: Origin of Spider-Man


Actually, Marvel doesn’t. To date it has never done a reboot, whereas DC has done three in the past thirty years. The closest Marvel’s come is its Ultimate line. Everything else has just been retcons, which is a different matter entirely. Although I suppose that makes things legally fishy in this regard, too.


I feel like I did the best thing for getting Marvel to notice (if they do). Better to contact them before DC anyways.


Don’t worry about it. It was still a pretty cool gesture, regardless of the outcome.

In other news I completed a draft of my script last night.


I agree. Just trying to be pragmatic. I’m excited to read all the scripts, though. :slight_smile:


That’s great. Yeah, I’m not worried about it. Just thought it would be cool if we could get what I (assume is all of our goals) invested. Personally, I don’t want to be a forum jockey forever. To be clear, I personally want to be published in comics, lol. As I’m sure, all of us do.

Apparently I misread the first write off post for 6, @YoungDuke . I could’ve sworn you allowed us more than 10 pages. I may not even be able to participate because I’m probably going beyond 10 comic pages. But I’ll definitely post it below, if everyone is cool with that when I’m done. I will still go by the rules of submission time- End of May.

I’m a huge fan of Spider-Man, and he is held dearly to my heart. He is one of the only connections I have with my Father, and it genuinely means a lot to me. So I totally want to do this right and give Spider-Man more than 10 pages…

I don’t expect you to change rules just for me, and I really don’t expect anyone to even read it. It’s more of a personal goal to get this script completed. So Thank You for providing this prompt.

My dad owned the original issues 1-70, and it was the comic that really got him into comics. It was the character that he connected to the most because Spider-Man was demographically created for him. He was a Marvel guy, starting off with the Fantastic Four and some of X-Men before he “grew out of comics.”

He would probably not approve of the direction I’m taking it, but it’s just one way to honor the lore.

If anyone wants to know what happen to my Father’s specific collection- When he moved out of my grandparents house for the first time, my grandmother donated all of his comics (without his consent) to a hospital of children with needs. He says, they either were puked on, shit on, or some janitor became a multi-millionaire. Mostly a joke from him, but he’s rather pissed. There’s nothing we can do about it. Hopefully, at best, it helped influence, inspire, and heal dying children that truly needed it. He still claims that the only reason that these books are worth this much is because “Mothers gave their son’s comics…” story, lol.

@rebgardner I totally understand, and I believe it is strategic to be pragmatic. I’m not offended in any way.


Thanks for sharing. The ten-page limit (my script is that long) is a general guideline. Feel free to break it if the script demands it. This is a friendly exercise.


What do we know about the origin of Spider-Man?

  • Peter Parker is orphaned at a young age. His parents are Richard and Mary Parker. Little is definitive about these facts.

  • He goes to live with Uncle Ben (who is his father’s brother) and Aunt May. Uncle Ben imparts this pearl of wisdom: “With great power comes great responsibility.”

  • While in high school, Peter attends a science exhibit, where he’s bitten by a radioactive spider. This gives him the relative physical abilities of spiders (including the ability to climb walls, resilience, and “spider-sense,” which means he can tell when danger is near). Some versions of the character also can shoot their own webbing, while others rely on artificial (and expensive) web-shooters, which Peter develops himself.

  • Peter decides to cash in on his new abilities by becoming a professional wrestler.

  • Peter lets a robber run past him, because he doesn’t feel he has any need to intervene. The robber later kills Uncle Ben. The realization of what he allowed to happen causes Peter to devote the rest of his life to superheroics as Spider-Man.

Anything else you’d like to add? Maybe shooting pictures for the Daily Bugle? Otherwise, for anyone still trying to figure out an angle, these are the basic elements you have to work with, any or all of them. You’ve got until the end of next month (May) to finish scripts and hand them in (via PM) to me. Any pertinent information regarding procedure is in the very first post of the thread, although if you have questions, don’t be afraid to ask.


Actually, I believe the first person to use this was the unknown narrator to spider-man, aka Stan Lee. It is often mis-quoted.


True. If you wanted to play with that, that’s an option too! The narrator!


I’d be actually really curious to see a British spider-man, or even a European Spider-Man. I’m American, and I only see the politics and culture of our heroes. I hope someone transforms this in that direction somewhere! About to send you my script.



*Even going in the direction of Greek Mythology, or something from Asia, Egyptian, or anything in the middle east. Would be a sight to see!


When’s the next write-off?


We’ve still got until the end of May for scripts to be turned in for this one. Generally voting lasts two weeks, and then sometime after that a new Write Off is announced. The winner of the previous one gets to pick the topic for the next one.


I’m very tempted to do one set where I live here in Northern Ireland, I have three ideas but I have one favourite just because of the concept but I’m thinking this may be a better story action wise. Maybe I should write all three and do a vote as to which I should enter. :smile:


I was highly contemplating on doing multiple as well. Since I had a few ideas!


Marvel did do a Spider-Man: India series many years ago, with a young Indian man as the lead. It was an interesting attempt to do something like that with the character.


Web-Warriors featured a ton of variations, including Indian and British ones.

As fascinating as this concept is, I would also hasten to add that the general goal of this Write Off is to do the NYC Peter Parker, everyone doing the same basic story, so we compare and contrast creative approachs. This Localized Icon thing could be the subject of the next contest, certainly.


I’m really afraid of embaressing myself here…but I really don’t feel like i get the idea…

What, exactly, are you looking for? Telling the same story from a different pov? The radioactive spider’s pov? Gutshot Uncle Ben’s pov?

Or the same story with more modern sensibilities? Anime influence? Deadpoolish breaking the fourth wall?

Are we allowed to change parts of the origin story? Can it be be a ‘different’ Spider-Man with a different point of view, different motivation?
Um. I hope the entire internet isn’t collectively rolling it’s eyes right now…
Thanks for being patient with me.
Sincerely, Hazard.


Hey, no sweat. This is basically an exercise to explore your creative voice. Everyone can work from the same template but it’s guaranteed that they’re going to come up with different results. So the idea, generally speaking, is to tell the origin story. Plain and simple. You can focus on one element, as you suggest, or try and incorporate every element. The results should be fun to compare and contrast. In prior Write Offs participants have had a general theme and we’ve gotten a wide range of different interpretations. This one is really no different. It’s like [your favorite sport] and how different players end up playing.


I won’t be writing for this as I’m writing too much other stuff, but I like the out of the box thinking.

Things to consider -

What’s the twist? Not everything has to be M. Night Shyamalan, but every story - especially short stories (or scripts) need complications and reversals.

For example, if I was going to write one, it would be something like a bunch of young hoods breaking into a warehouse at night and they each tell their version of what they heard was the origin of the “Spider-Man” and each story gets creepier - like Spider-Man is Slender Man - until at the end, when Spider-Man actually shows up to foil their robbery, the one young man who believed his older companions is terrified that Spider-Man is going to suck out all his blood or lay eggs in his flesh.

Spider-Man: “Jeez, kid, what do you think I am? Man, I need to change my PR agency.”

Then end with the kid posting his story on a Creepy True Stories Website under “Who… or what… is The Spider-Man?”