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Write Off 6: Origin of Spider-Man


Thanks for this and the list you put up! Going to my library tonight to see if they have any I could check out!


I love it when the library has a deep graphic novel selection. Hopefully yours has some good stuff!


This is a really cool idea! I’m interested and would like to participate. Off to do some Spider-readin’!


I’ve actually decided that it’s hugely awesome that this particular Write Off is seeing interest from a lot of new participants. Any other takers?


Yes meeee tooo!




Well now, this might be worth completing.


I hope so!


With the first month of the submission period rapidly drawing to a close, I’d just like to remind participants (those already interested and those who haven’t yet signed up) that there are two months left to go. No rush; you don’t get bonus points for handing in a script early. They will all be posted at the same time!

It occurs to me that the raft of new participants may not know this, so it’s worth pointing out: this is a contest purely geared toward getting practice in, so whoever wins (gets the most votes) will get a nice little ego boost, but really, the goal is to do the best work you can for its own sake. The winner, additionally, gets to select the topic for the next Write Off, which I’m more than happy to host, so there won’t be any question about that if we decide to run another of these. I happen to like the number 7, so I’d love for there to be another one, for that reason alone…


I contacted Marvel to see if they may want to step in and take a look at the scripts when they’re ready. I’m still looking forward to submitting to this contest this Write Off!


That’s pretty cool. Thanks!


That’s a cool thing to do. Should up people’s games, too. :wink:


Getting me to finally start writing one.


Certainly increases the pressure. I’m looking at working on my script tomorrow. Nailed the idea a few weeks back.


Wouldn’t we have to sign a waiver or something before Marvel could look at scripts dealing with their characters? So that a coincidentally similar idea in the current or future issues doesn’t spark a lawsuit?

Not trying to be a buzzkill, but am honestly curious. Maybe @Mark_Millar would know.


I wonder if the fact that we’re all doing a pretty well-known story negates that.


True, but they reboot franchises all the time. It might be company policy. Might have better luck with DC editors taking a look. Just a thought.


I would say if they officially decide to attend, then probably…


You know what, you’re probably right. I’ll send a letter out once we get closer to deadline.


Ehh, it’s probably a massive legality thing. We’ll see what happens.