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Write Off 5: Death


We’ve all had that feeling of loss of something in our lives, whether it was an object, or possibly a loved one. I want you to harness this emotional energy and dreadfully display it onto the page. Or perhaps it wasn’t dreadful at all? Perhaps it was a soft, gentle release?

Our topic for Write-Off 5 is Death.

I want you to imagine that you have been given the task to be the final writer to your character(s). There will be no re-birth, there will be no resurrection. No more printing. This is it, they are gone. This prompt is not designed for a shock and awe factor. Take the characters that we have forever immortalized in our hearts, and make them mortal.

The rules are that you are to create a comic where your character(s) is/are consciously aware that this is the end for them. They must be deceased by the end of the comic, with no return. Who is it? Is it a group, a single being, a team? What will the world be without them? What is etched on our titan’s tomb? What is their final feat that separates them from us? Where does it happen? Is it on a rooftop somewhere, or does it happen quietly in a retirement home? Why? How did it come to be?

Capture the essence of what makes them heroes, or villains. Show us the emotion from your character’s perspective. Make us, the audience, truly feel. Move us. Make us cry.

Up to 10 Comic Pages max. Send to @stuartdn86 and I. February 5th is the last submission day. Assume that this starts now.

Remember, you’re the final writer. So how will they be remembered?

4 hrs 30 mins until new talent winner announced!

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What an amazing topic. I’ll be entering this one.



Great topic. And quite a challenge. Hopefully, I can come up with something. :confounded:

As far as a deadline, my suggestion would be the end of February. With the holidays and all, I can’t imagine people having too much time this month to devote to this. Anyway, just my two cents.



It was a dark and stormy night; the rain fell in torrents — except at occasional intervals, when it was checked by a violent gust of wind which swept up the streets (for it is in London that our scene lies), rattling along the housetops where Gambit lay deader than the deadest of doornails, and fiercely agitating the scanty flame of the lamps that struggled against the darkness.

I’m in.


Once more into the breach, dear friend.

It’s on.


I missed season 4 of the write off. I’m back for season 5. :smiley:


Oh, goodie. I get to play George R.R. Martin for a little bit.


Yayyyy, I’m glad this is receiving such positive feedback. I can’t wait to read what everyone submits!


I’m glad you can make it @francisg Looking forward to reading your submission!


I honestly don’t think I could handle that much responsibility…:thinking: Unless…
When’s the deadline, guys?


I was planning to sit this one out, but then I came up with an idea last night while I out was walking my dog.

Deadline permitting I am there.


Well, I will ask my co-partner. @stuartdn86 What do you think is a fair deadline date? I just cross referenced UK holidays with USA, does February 12th sound good? Anyone?



That’s good with me.


Hey @Shawnmilazzo,

Thanks for looping me in as co-partner (just dm’d you to clarify what this will involve). I think Feb 12th is a good deadline. Gives everyone enough time to do this topic justice.

My birthday is on Valentines day so I won’t be able to put things up for the vote straight away. But should I have time later that week.

Really excited to read peoples entries on this more serious topic. @Tony_Laplume, I think you would be great at this topic, so please enter!




I’m all for killing Gambit, although not sure @Bernadette would approve.

If you could you find a way to get rid of the Inhumans at the same time this would be a winner ;-).


Any story involving Gambit is fine by me as long as it’s well written.

No death is permanent because comic.

Gambit is resurrected just in time to save everyone (including nasty, mean writer) because Gambit. i.e. The most awesome, perfect, coolest Mutant ever, and you’re all just jealous of his awesomeness.


I admit I have been brainstorming. But if I enter I will absolutely not touch the review thread…


Looking forward to reading yours and all the others submission… :smiley:


Hi @Tony_Laplume,

It’s great that you are planning to enter. I wouldn’t avoid the review thread. The critique is a major part of these Write Offs. I’m sure past negative feedback hasn’t been personal and was just a matter of taste (of which I have none ;-)).