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Write Off 4: Unlikely Team Up


Hi folks, here we are with the last write off before the annual submission begins.

The premise is simple. You have a prompt for a story, you write maybe a 8-10 page script, PM it to me and then I’ll post the submissions in a new thread and we’ll vote for a winner. Whoever wins gets to pick the next subject! And we all have a good time and enjoy some great creative writing.

The winner of the previous Write Off was Patrick Barb and this time it’s something fun:

Write a team up story featuring two unlikely characters.

It can be characters from different teams, different companies, different universes, different realities, different time periods. Eternity and The Tick. Yoda and Groot. Megatron and Dr Doom. Anything you want really. Just make it interesting.

Entries need to be in by the end of September. PM me your script, and use this thread to ask questions or ask for ideas, help and so on. Remember this whole thing is for practice and for fun!

New Start Comic Book Writers

Been so busy with my own stuff, I haven’t been able to have a play with you guys doing this and I e been so jealous.
But, I really wanna have a go at this one…
Have a great idea about the red skull & the joker working at a baskin-robbins…
It’s a serious drama! :laughing:


To ask a potentially stupid question, does it have to be two characters? Can it be more than two?


As many as you want. Do I look like a Nazi Simon?


Cheers Jim…I hasten to add that this may turn out to be a catastrophic idea on my part (like so many of my ideas) :wink:


I pushed so hard for the Write Off’s last year, and then I didn’t ever get a chance to participate! I finally spotted one at the beginning. I hope I have a chance to do it this time. I’m going to try and fit in it in my life schedule, for sure. In the meantime, for shits & giggles, check out this link 2 different creatures combined- Zombie Penguins!




Looking forward to this! ONE MORE!!


This is a great theme. I already have a couple of ideas. Main one can be summed up in two words.

Darth Pool!


Hahaha! That’s perfect!


That might end the need for voting right there. The bar is set folks!


I dunno. I am wholeheartedly embracing the “Unlikely” part of the challenge this time out.

I could also be leaving myself open for a severe (critical) kicking…We will see how it works out.


I’ve got this idea for a Batman and Superman team up… yes, I know it’s been done before (and really well), but my twist on it would be… wait for it… they fight instead of teaming up!

Not sure if that concept makes any kind of sense, but it may be worth a shot anyway… :worried:


Looks like I’m committed now.

And I definitely will be after trying to get into Deadpools head.


I’m currently on Comic Page #2 on mine. My characters are a secret so far! No one has said them either, yet.



I have an idea to have Alan Moore and Grant Morrison talk. But they also talk about the Lady of the Lake, and there are parts of the script that will be their versions of that, so it’s not just talking…I’m just forewarning you guys…

(Also, I am known for being quite vexing. Call me YoungQuinn.)


Almost done with mine. Kind of broke the rules by adding a bonus cover art page. Also, this script and writing will not reflect how I do the Millarworld Annual this year.


So any script format is valid? Or do we have to go with the pro format?


As this is just for practice you can go with what works for you, but consider others will be reading your script and commenting on it so you should make things as clear as possible.


What bothered me the most in the last batch of scripts was definitely the lack of clarity and conciseness in many of them. But again, you don’t have to take my word for it.


Awesome, comments are good. I feel like scripts have to be as clear as your artist wants it (or publisher). Probably the best rule of thumb is if it does not help convey your story, leave it out.