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Write Off 10: The Julius Schwartz Challenge

One of the classic elements of DC lore was editor Julius Schwartz generating ideas for his writers from cover prompts. He would come up with an outlandish scenario and challenge the writer to come up with a story about it.

That’s going to be the theme of Write Off Round 10. I’ve chosen a single classic Silver Age cover from which everyone is going to base their ideas. Here it is:

Your story (ideally eight pages, but you can write more if you like) has to use that scenario as its basis. The tone is entirely yours to determine.

Scripts are due by the end of April, giving you a good solid three months to work on them. As always, you will paste the script directly into the body of a PM you can send to me whenever you’re ready. Winner gets bragging rights and the option to choose the topic of the next Write Off. Thanks for participating!


Does that exact scene have to be in the story? I’m thinking it would be.

It doesn’t. You can choose to omit, say, the reporter, or the other alien. But Batman being an alien? Has got to stay.

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Just “found my story” last night. Time to get "back on the horse.":slight_smile:

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(Awesome. I’ve actually retired from MW. Feel free to post your script here anyway. That goes for anyone else who still wants to participate.)

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All I can say is, much life to you☺ Live it to the fullest!

Well, may as well tell my story now.

Two ALIENS(one Young and one Old) head toward Earth to retrieve a respected AGENT placed there to “experience” Earthlings and help his superiors decide if we should be invaded. Old vs. new beliefs surface in their conversations.

We find out they come from a “world of crime” and were invaded once themselves. Their fight for survival galvanized their world and “the powers that be” have been using planetary war as a method of social control ever since.

After careful consideration, Batman had been abducted by Agent and put on “deep freeze”, a psychic link established between the two. Agent needed his knowledge and memories to pull off his covert mission and Batman conversely gets a “crash course” in…Agent and his people

ROBIN concerned with the changes he’s observed in Bruce/Batman in the past months finally sets himself to solve the “mystery”. He’'s soon followed by a REPORTER looking to make a name for herself.

Robin solves the mystery of the “missing Batman” as Batman himself is released by the aliens.

In the end, it’s implied that Alien Batman, having EXPERIENCED Batman’s mind and WALKED IN HIS SHOES, doesn’t want war. Instead, he understands another “way”. He may become the Batman of his planet and help show them a new way to address the crime and violence threatening their society.

Hah, (Batman and Agent) influenced one another.

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Back when Tim Burton’s BATMAN came out, there was an interview with Adam West and he mentioned he was shopping a story idea around for a movie called Super-Bat about an extraterrestrial with superhuman bat like powers coming to Earth to fight alien super villains of the Batman variety. I’ve always remembered that as a fun idea, but I’d set it in space instead like Space Ghost. A space Joker would be blast.

Wouldn’t really work for this cover, though.

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