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Wrestling Thread (spoilers)




Apollo Crews definitely deserves better treatment. He’s a hell of a wrestler and showed in Dragongate that he does have a personality and can connect if given a chance. Instead he seems to be told to go out there, do some cool moves and smile. The occasional bland back-and-forth with ****ing Sheamus isn’t helping either.



It’s pretty much the same thing that happened with Big E back when he got called up to the main WWE roster. It seems to be far too often that WWE forces their babyfaces to be as bland as possible.


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We are now living in a world where Finn Balor will main event Summerslam against Seth Rollins.


That match has a lot of potential to be amazing.


I remember watching during this era, but honestly do not remember any of these guys.


Summerslam is looking like a stacked card:

Balor vs Rollins
Sasha vs Charlotte
Brock vs Orton
Ambrose vs Ziggler - could be good, could be a mess

Plus, presumably, AJ vs Cena, not to mention whatever Enzo & Cass and Jordan & Gable get to do.

All that plus Joe vs Nakamura and Asuka vs Bayley the same weekend on NXT Takeover.



I suspect Summerslam will also have New Day vs The Club. It’s about time New Day drops the titles, at which point I’d expect the feud between The Club and Enzo & Cass to pick back up.


Should be a triple threat tag match. Enzo/Cass are way more over than the Club. Big Cass pins Gallows, wins the straps, and the New Day doesn’t lose it’s shine.

Rollins should go over Balor - giving him one legit run with the title. Ladder match, please? Let Balor win it at WM.

Win or lose, Ambrose should stay in the title hunt post- SS.

Styles needs a win over someone big - He needs to go over Cena and then challenge for the title. Styles/Ambrose has more money in it that Styles/Ziggler


I still can’t believe we are in a world where, theoretically, we could wind up with Finn Balor, AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura holding major championships in WWE.

The Club and all Club-related antics don’t make a whole lot of sense at the moment, what with AJ as a singles heel on Smackdown, Anderson/Gallows as a heel tag team on Raw and Balor as a singles babyface with his Balor Club stuff also on Raw. It would be great to somehow get a Balor Club and an AJ Club feuding at some point down the road.

Damn, now I really want a Club biscuit.


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I’m amazed Undertaker is only on crutches. Thirty years of a finishing move where you drop directly down onto your knees must have ruined him. They should have let him retire after WM30 if not earlier. He looked rough even then.


He really should have retired after the Lesnar match.
The next year’s match with Bray never lived up to it’s potential, and McMahon the following year was just a reason for Shane to take a crazy bump.


Yeah, Undertaker really should have quit after the Lesnar match. I understand why he didn’t want to. It was his worst WM match in years, but he and the WWE need to let it go.



Do they seriously think that he is capable at this point of doing anything better?
They really missed the boat with Sting v Taker.