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Wrestling Thread (spoilers)


The new love of my life is Yuzuki Aikawa:

Her main gimmick seems to be getting beaten to a pulp for 20 minutes before winning with a surprise kick, then sitting down in the ring for a cry. Then giving a press concerence with her face all bruised and her eye swollen shut and saying “Yeah, but I’m still more cute than the other girl” * )

. * N.B. this might not be a literal translation of the Japanese.





Choose a man that can do both?


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Wrestler Jerry Lawler, Girlfriend Arrested in Memphis


How to book the WWE Brand Split. Beyond Lineups. New M.O.
Is the WWE too PG or too PC? Are they afraid to offend and lose advertisement? If they lose the audience due, to not changing with declining views, will any business even want to advertise to their dwindling crowd? Smack down. Talking smack. The title gives itself to verbal jousting. What are the most heated topics today to argue over? Religion, politics, scientific theories, pseudo-science and corruption in high places vs that’s just a conspiracy theory.
WWE is not just competing against other wrestling programs. It is also fighting for your attention over, MMA, Netflix, and YouTube searches.


WWE Money in the Bank 2016 results: Dean Ambrose cashes in to win world title


that was interesting to see. Depending how the draft goes next month, I could see WWE doing a Triple Threat at SummerSlam. I’m good with that.


Judge orders wrestler Jerry Lawler, fiancée to stay apart


How to book Smack Down as a unique brand

Most commenters I have heard start with you have to split up Roman & Cena there are the two faces. I think this is the wrong idea. That thinking leads to making Raw and Smackdown the same product but with different people. Both are Italian restaurants with a slightly different menu. I think the first priority should be, Make two different restaurants Italian and Chinese and cater to them. What I do mean about different shows, Raw they can keep as is, i what Vince sees best. He can have all the big talent he sees as money drawing, merch selling, future movies stars he wants, and they can book them following the status quo. The show can feature the McMahons, Stephanie, Shane, Vince and HHH can get along or argue here. Smackdown, make it something new. In the previous video I sugested smack down they should talk smack about current heated topics going on in the news. You can have wrestlers weigh in on these subjects even on social media, pick sides, and then pick fights over the disargreement. So the audience vicariously gets to pound the other side, to release some steam. Right causes they see violence solves nothing or everything if you win. Smack down, the name lends itself to talking smack, and I think after the AJ-Cena feud, just talking smack about wrestling and the WWE world will go stale fast. Arguing over old guard new guard golden truth and Breezedango that type of safe feuds can go on Raw. Smackdown, this show caters to an audience who is less concerned with the McMahons, and wrestling history, but might tune in to see face to face physical conflicts over current events.


Bout damn time. I thought that was a really well booked match all around. Cool to see Rollins not play the chickenshit heel.



Roman Reigns suspended


Makes for an interesting build for Battleground, and in the larger picture, SummerSlam. Which I’m good with.


The Mountie’s Enormous Son, Cédric Rougeau, Is Receiving A WWE Tryout


Latest reports on the WWE brand split: Separate PPVs, two Women’s divisions



Shame. I always thought he should have been the perfect guy to break Rusev’s streak back in the day.