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Wrestling Thread (spoilers)


I was apathetic about WrestleMania this year and strongly considering taking a break from WWE afterwards. Remarkably, they seem to have turned things around the past couple of weeks and have a strong card for the next special event, Payback. All it took was placing a greater focus on the great in-ring talent they have available (Styles, Owens, Zayn, Cesaro), getting rid of the tiresome heel authority figures in favour of Shane McMahon (who, so far, does not overshadow any of the talent), treating the women’s division with respect, reinvigorating the tag team division with fresh faces (Enzo & Cass, Vaudevillains, Anderson & Gallows) and even giving a right good go at course-correcting Roman Reigns. Here’s hoping they can keep it up!


EDIT: Just found out:



WWE Payback card for this Sunday looks pretty solid:

1/ Roman Reigns vs AJ Styles - world title
2/ Charlotte w/ Ric Flair vs Natalya w/ Bret Hart - women’s title
3/ The Miz w/ Maryse vs Cesaro - intercontinental title
4/ The Vaudevillains vs Enzo & Cass - #1 contender match
5/ Chris Jericho vs Dean Ambrose
6/ Kevin Owens vs Sami Zayn
7/ Dolph Ziggler vs Baron Corbin

And, on the pre-show once again:

8/ Kalisto vs Ryback - US title

Plus, Vince McMahon making an announcement on who will get to run Raw, Shane or Stephanie. For real, this time. Honest.



Not that I don’t love Bret Hart, but Natalya should have Jim The Anvil in her corner, surely?




Jim Neidhart. From the original Hart Foundation. Her dad.


Indeed - but don’t forget his wonderful 90s gimmick as the wrestler named Who :slight_smile:



But is Who better than Hugh?


Hugh Morrus?

Or Hugh G Rection?

Gotta love the insanity of WCW in retrospect.


The last couple WCW years under Russo were a terrific hot mess.


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WWE releases Damien Sandow

WWE releases former ‘Total Divas’ star Cameron

Hornswoggle, Zeb Colter, El Torito and Alex Riley have been released by WWE


Also Santino Marella, who was apparently still under contract.

Wade Barrett has also confirmed that he has left WWE.

Sorry to see Sandow go, he was literally one of their most popular guys despite WWE doing nothing with him for the past year or so.



Sandow deserved so much better. Such horrible mismanagement by WWE there. Just over a year ago he was white hot with crowds and then WWE just dumped him from TV for no good reason.


Can’t wait for the tell all podcasts.


I want Sandow to just luck out and get to Japan and turn into a big star.
His ability in ring and his comedic timing are perfect for that.

Same for Barrett too.


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