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Wrestling Thread (spoilers)


Mauro Ronallo is the best thing going on smackdown at the moment. He should be the play by play guy on Raw.


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The final WrestleMania card…

1/ The Undertaker vs Shane McMahon - Hell in the Cell; Shane gets control of Raw if he wins; Undertaker never competes at WrestleMania again if he loses

2/ Triple H vs Roman Reigns - world title

3/ Brock Lesnar vs Dean Ambrose - street fight

4/ AJ Styles vs Chris Jericho

5/ Charlotte vs Sasha Banks vs Becky Lynch - women’s title

6/ Kevin Owens vs Sami Zayn vs The Miz vs Dolph Ziggler vs Stardust vs Sin Cara vs Zack Ryder - Ladder Match for the Intercontinental Title

7/ Big E, Xavier Woods & Kofi Kingston vs Sheamus, Rusev, King Barrett & Alberto Del Rio - handicap match (non-title)

8/ Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal (confirmed participants so far - Heath Slater, Curtis Axel, Adam Rose, Bo Dallas, Big Show, Kane, Tyler Breeze, Goldust, R-Truth, Darren Young, Mark Henry, Konnor, Viktor, Jack Swagger, Fandango & Damien Sandow)

And on the pre-show…

9/ Kalisto vs Ryback - United States title

10/ The Dudleys vs The Usos

11/ Brie Bella, Paige, Natalya, Alicia Fox & Eva Marie vs Lana, Naomi, Tamina, Emma & Summer Rae

Along with an appearance by The Rock in some form, plus rumoured appearances by Steve Austin, Shawn Michaels and Mick Foley.


I really wish the IC match was just Zayn v Owens. That’s all we care about.


Ziggler’s been wilting on the vine for years, I doubt the WWE are suddenly going to give him his moment in a McMahon-Taker match.


WWE Fans Rejecting WrestleMania 32 Main Event Need To Boycott, Not Boo

Is Vince McMahon second guessing Braun Strowman’s push?


So, the ‘real’ WrestleMania took place last night in the form of NXT Takeover Dallas. Anybody else as buzzed as I am by Nakamura vs Zayn?


Wrestlemania was a pre-show for last nights RAW, apparently. Best MNR in a while.


Quick thoughts:

Wrestlemania turned from “awesome” to “what a shitshow” during it’s run. The booking was awful. Ryder was a weird choice - heartful moment that was shat on yesterday - League of Nations winning just for that dumb spot with Austin, Michaels and Foley when New Day are over the moon right now, Jericho over AJ, burying the Wyatts AGAIN, Charlotte over Sasha or Becky and even worse the new belt being won with the help of a man, and Reigns winning over a sea of BOOS after Stephanie doing everything POSSIBLE to make Triple H into a heel.
What a shitstorm!


WM was mostly a disaster. The whole show felt long and pointless. The women’s match was the peak and even that was ruined by a tired, dumb finish. Sounds like Raw was better, but after 400 hours of WM, I couldn’t be bothered with Raw. Had other stuff to do. Glad to hear it was a solid show, though.


I have a feeling Reigns could be in a match with Hitler’s reanimated corpse and he’d still get booed.


At this point, yeah, the fans just want to boo Reigns. They’ve made up their mind that he’s not the guy they want to cheer for right now. Seems like they might be finally embracing that by putting him up against Styles.


Are we finally done with WWE’s Authority angle?

I’d be very surprised if someone hasn’t yet Photoshopped a cigarette in between Stephanie’s fingers.


His promo was kinda heelish and the fact they are putting hiim over one of the two top guys in the company right now - the top baby face at least - points that storyline wise he would turn heel.

However they also took the IC title off Zack Ryder less than 24 hours later despite his HUGE pop and being a fan favorite and shown 0 intention of listening to the crowd in the last year so maybe this will make zero sense in the end and Vince will just bury AJ Styles because fuck TNA.


Very disappointing WrestleMania. The women were the match of the night, which is cool except for how not even that was a four-star match. I’m struggling to recall the last time a WrestleMania did not have at least one great match. 15, perhaps?

Kalisto/Ryback was a basic house show match, let down only by the stadium being practically empty when it took place. Neither guy was on Raw the next night, they never mentioned the US title and Kalisto was sent back to jobbing with his jobbing friend in their jobbing tag team for Smackdown, so not sure any of this had any point.

10-women tag match was surprisingly enjoyable, with no flubs from Eva Marie or Lana. Good for them.

Oh, and they are officially “women” now rather than “Divas”, so they’ve got that going for them.

Usos/Dudleys was dull - and the rematch on Raw was somehow duller, with a flubbed-up finish to boot. This began a long streak of the people the crowd favoured losing their matches. The Usos had a hot run back before one of them got hurt but they’re just treading water now and in dire need of a heel turn to get some buzz going. The Dudleys should have a fun feud with Enzo & Cass, who instantly looked like major stars in their Raw debut.

The ladder match was exactly what it needed to be, with a surprise finish. I didn’t mind that Ryder won it. Even though it was four years too late, why not throw him a bone? Consider it a reward for tolerating Mojo Rawley for the last several months. I didn’t even mind that he lost it the next night since it was all about that one moment. But going through all of that just to put the title onto Miz renders all of this, including the title, redundant. They need to give up on the remnants of 2010 on the roster already. Imagine if, say, Corbin had challenged Ryder on Raw, hit his move and won the title in a minute. That could have been further progress into the future.

Jericho and AJ continued their series of acceptable but underwhelming matches. Absolutely no reason for AJ to lose that match, though. The so-called #1 contender to the world title.

New Day peaked with the entrance but had a boring match with boring opponents who beat them. And then even those boring opponents got put in their place by three random old guys. Austin’s pop was insane but they could have had him come out to stun the Outcasts or some other geeks without issue. That said, Rusev’s sell of the Stunner was legendary.

Brock and Ambrose again under-delivered. No pay-off to the weeks of Ambrose collecting ridiculous weapons. He should have borrowed Rock’s flame-thrower. I’m over Brock matches that consist of slowly walking around grinning in between several suplexes. This was the most generic version of that, with Brock winning and Ambrose being left with nowhere to go and nothing to do and not even being on Raw.

Nothing bad to say about the women’s match! Well, except for, again, the crowd favourite not winning…

Shane McMahon went 30 minutes in a Hell in the Cell match! Against Undertaker! And escaped the gogoplata by reversing it into a Sharpshooter! And after falling off the cage and being mostly dead and stretchered out he just turns up on Raw the next night with one bruise! Madness! Prolonged, tedious madness!

I have a theory that Ambrose would have been crazy enough to do that big elbow spot too and could have been made in defeat here. Oh, well.

I suppose Undertaker was a crowd favourite winning here, even though people also wanted Shane to win to try to make Raw fresher. Which they wound up with regardless, if only for one night until the apparently still relevant Dr Phil, who all the kids are raving about nowadays, takes charge next week.

Corbin winning the battle royal was a cool surprise. Made him look like a star. Having him cut a goofy promo on Raw and go toe-to-toe with perennial loser Dolph Ziggler on Raw made him look like just another guy. At this point I’m wondering why they are so determined to make writing this stuff seem so difficult.

Rock jumped the shark for me a long time ago but fair play to those who still dig the act. I did think that the only hope left for Bray was a solo run as an anti-authority babyface, only now the Authority are not around, so I’ve no idea…

And then 27 minutes of plodding along to the inevitable in the so-called main event. Triple H has been in seven WrestleMania main events now and they only decent one is the one we’re not allowed to mention anymore. He always goes for epic but never achieves it. Despite clearly being a smart guy he never seems to make his own major stuff work as it should. This match needed to be Roman winning quickly, decisively and violently. Instead it was a dull match to crown a dull champion. Even the boos at Roman are just half-hearted rather than genuinely strong heat.

So, there it is. Two out of twelve matches worth bothering with, although not must-see (ladder and women’s title). Six out of twelve matches where the crowd favourite did not win. The only full-time regular to have been put over strong both here and on Raw was Charlotte.

It is all quite frustrating.

But the world does now have Nakamura’s awesome new entrance music, so things are looking up :slight_smile:


Bray Wyatt says WWE doesn’t ‘know how to use’ the Wyatt Family


This. All of it. Thank you WhatCulture.


raw somewhat salvaged things, basically giving the internet what they wanted - a heel-ish/dickish Roman, and a fatal 4 way with all the internet darlings (KO, Sami Zayn, Jericho, AJ Styles), and some life in the tag team division.

Thoughts on Mania
-What’s the point of a “street fight” that doesn’t ever leave the ring area, and with ZERO blood (Ambrose/Brock)
-zack ryder winning the IC belt, while cool and got a huge pop, was SO unexpected, it screams of knee-jerk booking. Ryder had ZERO build coming into this, and Zayn or Owens would have made more sense from a storyline perspective.

I hate being a complainer, but that comes with the territory with WWE fans…sometimes they do truly great, brilliant things, so I trust them in the long run.


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