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Wrestling Thread (spoilers)


Breaking: Titus O’Neil Suspended By WWE For Unprofessional Conduct; Likely To Miss WrestleMania 32

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Any predictions for Fastlane?
I got Ambrose over Reigns and Lesnar, Wyatts over the Titans (then interfering on the triple threat and beating Lesnar for a feud for Wrestlemania) and Aj over Jericho for a rematch in Wrestlemania too.
Oh and Owens over Ziggler.


I’d be pretty shocked if Ambrose ends up winning the triple threat.


I cannot imagine they want another ppv with Reigns getting boo’d out of the building - and frankly he is not ready for it or over enough to main event WM. BUT that is what they are going with, because it’s the only logical blowoff for the HHH angle.


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Basically that’s the best resume for Fastlane and WWE’s creative ideas.


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So Shane O Mac vs Taker at wm? I don’t see UT doing the favors for him, so what’s the point of this angle?


First, to get people talking about an unpredictable moment on Raw. Second, to present the illusion of change to the die-hard audience that will be in full volume throughout WrestleMania.

I don’t much care for it either but I can certainly see a scenario where Undertaker falls on his sword and allows himself to lose for the greater good. Shame they didn’t still have the streak to go along with that but that’s the perils of short-term planning.


Roman Reigns Has Immense Task of Winning Over WWE Fans on Road to WrestleMania

Am I the only one who thinks this is an understatement? When the fans cheer you catching a ringside beatdown and you’re supposed to be the FACE…


What’s ironic is, part of what’s making them push Reigns is his relation to the Rock, yet people don’t give a toss. Which is exacty what happened to the Rock, when he was Rocky Maivia, except not at the same level as Reigns has been pushed to. It’s like they’ve completely forgotten the long period in which Rocky wasn’t getting over and that he eventually only did because of his own natural charisma, which Reigns clearly doesn’t have.


While I don’t think Reigns has the charisma of a Cena or Rock, I think he’s got something. He’s just not ready yet and gets double the backlash because WWE has been trying to force it so hard. I mean, two years ago when it came down to Reigns vs Batista in the Rumble the crowd was pretty damn hot for Reigns. The guy was really great as part of The Shield and could probably hugely benefit from a heel turn. The big strongman types are often pretty dull as babyfaces, but when they’re heels they can kind of let loose and have some fun with it. Then you win the crowd over by just being entertaining.

I’m not saying Reigns can do what The Rock did and be that fun as a heel, but a run as a heel is probably his best chance at getting over. It’s worked plenty of times before. Hell, it even worked with The Shield. They were heels that were so damn good that they won everyone over. Sadly, WWE refuses to see what’s in front of them. We all know Ambrose should be the guy main eventing. And this year they can’t fall back on a MitB cash in either. So they might want to consider closing the show with Ambrose vs Lesnar instead. Just pretend that’s the WHC match. It really should be.


In retrospect, if they really did want to make Roman Reigns the guy, they should have just gone ahead and had him win the world title straight after the Shield split up. They didn’t mess around after deciding that guys like Hogan or Rock or Hunter were going to be champion. They just put the belt on them at the first available big event and ran with it. Reigns becoming the main guy at that point and defending the title as a bad ass, dominant champion might have clicked. The only time in recent memory that the audience has gotten behind him was the couple of weeks when he got to do just that against Sheamus and Vince. Dragging the whole thing out till WrestleMania, twice, derailed his character and played only to his weaknesses as a performer. Now the rumour mill is that they want to keep him off of TV for a spell to sell some injuries and avoid negative reactions. For the babyface challenger to the world title at WrestleMania, that is incomprehensible.


Yeah, they should have put the title on Reigns at that MitB PPV right after the Shield break up. Fans would have loved it then. Reigns was still hot coming off the Shield break-up and it would have meant not Cena winning. But then they stalled him out with a dull Orton feud while Rollins and Ambrose were having the feud everyone cared about, and then he got injured and it was just a mess.


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So, barring any unforeseen changes, the WrestleMania card is looking to be:

Triple H vs Roman Reigns - World title
The Undertaker vs Shane McMahon - Hell in the Cell, with Shane getting control of Raw if he wins
Brock Lesnar vs Dean Ambrose - Street Fight
The New Day vs League of Nations - Tag Team titles
Charlotte vs Sasha Banks vs Becky Lynch - Women’s title
Chris Jericho vs A.J. Styles
Kevin Owens vs Sami Zayn vs Neville vs The Miz vs Dolph Ziggler vs Big Show - Ladder Match for the IC title
Kalisto vs Ryback - US title
The Usos vs The Dudleys - Tables Match
Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal
Brie Bella vs Lana

Just taking a stab in the dark with the participants in the ladder match based on who has been doing what over the past few weeks.

Brie and Lana getting a match seems quite random but is likely just an excuse to get all the women not in the title match onto the card, much like putting all the extra men into the battle royal. It could also be a good way to get Daniel Bryan to appear in front of the Mania crowd. It would be quite the striking visual if Bryan’s Mania swansong saw him being lifted up by all the women on the roster to do Yes chants. The vegan/virgin nerd comes full circle.