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Wrestling Thread (spoilers)


Elimination Chamber was a really solid event, especially considering it was thrown together pretty last minute. They really got me with the end of the Main Event too. At this point, I’m kind of hoping that Reigns wins MitB, Ambrose wins the ladder match for the title…and then Reigns cashes in on him.

Should also be interesting what they decide to do with Kevin Owens now.


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So taker returned tonight to dismantle Lesnar. Didn’t see that one coming. Every once in a while WWE does something right and catches us by surprise.


The finish to the women’s championship match on nxt last night in Brooklyn was amazing. Great crowd and great match.


Yep, the match was great and the ending was fantastic. It’s clear how invested those women are in what they do. The only complaint I have is that the match really should have been the main event of the show.


I’m watching Summerslam Kickoff at the moment. I think Stephen Amell is going to stink to be honest. I found the Arrow show a bit boring and I don’t think he’ll that great in a match to be honest. I hope they don’t make him look like a total badass against trained wrestlers. If he puts up a bit of a fight but is reliant on Neville that would be better.


Summerslam was interesting, not necessarily in a good way…but that’s typical WWE.

First, I thought Rollins and Cena put on a really great match that probably deserved a clean finish. That said, if they had to pull shenanigans, I did kind of enjoy that they had Jon Stewart turn heel. Of course, Rollins was essentially playing the babyface during that match, unleashing his full move-set and looking all the better for it. Seriously, at this point I want Rollins to turn so he can actually work matches like that more often. The guy is too good to be wasted as the weaselly heel that can’t win clean.

Second, all the women need to go back to NXT because it’s clear now that that is the only place they’ll be allowed to shine. I don’t think it has ever been more apparent than this weekend. The stark contrast between Sasha Banks going out and Saturday and tearing the house down with Bailey vs. on Sunday where her team is unceremoniously eliminated early a match where nothing is at stake at all is pretty sad. Many of these women have proven how talented they are, but the main roster is never going to allow them to grab that spotlight for some stupid reason.

Third, I thought Stephen Amell did a solid job for a celebrity jumping in the ring.

Fourth, New Day’s celebration was great.

Finally, the end to the Taker/Lesnar match was awful. It was a confusing mess, which is too bad because the match up to that point was better than I expected it to be. Still, I thought it was funny that they essentially turned Taker heel last night.

I look forward to a scathing Heyman promo on Raw.


Just watched Rollins/Cena. Rollins is the second coming of Shawn Michaels. Every move he pulled out made me like him even more.


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F*ck cancer. -_-


So has anyone been watching anything this past months?

I’ve been up to speed on RAW and oh boy…

What are your predictions for Wrestlemania?
You guys think they are gonna be that dense and push Reigns AGAIN?


I’ll catch it from time to time these day. I felt like Reigns was starting to get over, but it’s a really odd decision to put him again Ambrose and Lesnar for a chance to go to WM. Both those guys are waaaaay over with the fans, so it’s just asking him to get crapped on. Really not sure what WWE is thinking, but they mostly have gotten it wrong with Reigns.


Reigns was getting a bit better reactions from the crowds but… He is boring as crap.
He can’t cut a promo or seem engaging to save his life. The constant protection and push fro the higher ups who want us to see him as the new John Cena… Ugh.
The rumble was the proof of how disconnected they are with the crowd. He was out most of it. The crowd knows that it’s a work! No one bought that injury.

Meanwhile they have hot as heck talent like Kevin Owens, Ambrose, AJ Styles, even Bray Wyatt that they could be building for interesting feuds and good stories and giving them relevance in the card and Reigns is STILL being pushed to the top.



Reigns would do much better for himself as a Heel. it’s very hard to root for someone who looks like a God, and has zero charisma. I say fully embrace the crowd hate, wear a suit and sunglasses to the ring, come to the ring with a big smirk on his face.

They are still going to push Reigns as THE MAN for the time being, which is unfortunate. AJ Styles, Kevin Owens, and Samoa Joe could all be main eventers, and their shelf life is limited at the moment due to age, so I say get the most out of these guys as soon as possible.

Seth Rollins needs to come back and save us all. In a perfect world, I’d have Reigns, KO, and Bray be the main even level heels, with some combination of Rollins/Lesnar/Styles/Joe being the main event faces.

As far as WM, I think they’re shooting for it to be HHH/Reigns as the title match, as unfortunate as that is for the fans. I predict that there’ll be some backlash like there was for WM30 and someone will be shoehorned into that main event picture to make it a triple threat (Lesnar if they’re smart). Whatever they decide to do, there will HAVE to be a 3rd party involved somehow to make it interesting.

They’ll probably also go for a Kalisto/ADR payoff match for the US Title - a classic 1 on 1 ladder match would be great.

It is interesting that Cena, Rollins, Orton, Bryan, etc are all out of the picture - and we are seeing the rise of good up and comers.

Does anyone think we’ll see any NXT matches on the WM card?


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Just got back from a family visit to Florida, which just so happened to coincide with the Royal Rumble in Orlando. I managed to get a ticket for it and it turned out my seat was at the end of the aisle on the Roman Reigns’ entrance staircase. Highly amusing to see everyone around me go nuts for him as he made his entrance and then promptly start booing him less than a minute later when the Rumble match started. Also, TV did not do justice to the pop for AJ Styles’ debut. That place went nuts.

Also managed to see an NXT show later in the week. All the main stars were up in Pittsburgh on the same date so we were mostly left with the rookies, plus Asuka. It looks like we saw one of Bull Dempsey’s final NXT matches, the poor sod.

WrestleMania is certainly shaping up to be an underwhelming card. We can at least look forward to the post-Mania edition of Raw with an arena full of drunk Brits and Aussies letting WWE know what they think of Roman Reigns.


Daniel Bryan announces his retirement on Twitter.


Unfortunate news, but not surprising. At least he won’t be risking his health any further. Still, a big loss for WWE.


I hope this is not just a move to get out of his WWE contract so that he can go wrestle elsewhere at risk to his health.