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Wrestling Thread (spoilers)





Eh, they’ve got Styles, Bryan, and Hardy (I know Hardy is injured, but hopefully he’ll be back soonish). Rusev is basically a babyface, WWE just hasn’t realized it yet. They could push any or all of the New Day as singles competitors without needing to break them up. They could give Cesaro a singles babyface push if they wanted. The Bar hasn’t been seen on SDL much at all. They can make it work just fine. Orton is boring unless he’s a ruthless heel, so I’d say it’s a good move.


Preferably, with his James Bond-esque gimmick:




Very, very sad.



Matt’s? What about Jeff’s?


He’s worked with a very stiff style for years, so this sounds about right. When I saw him live about a decade back, it was very clear how little he moves.