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Wrestling Thread (spoilers)





They make some sound points but the company lacks any motivation to make big changes while those dump trucks full of gold keep pulling up to Vince’s house. One big thing they do need to work on is not making it so easy to continually sign up to the network for a free trial just by using a different email address. Netflix doesn’t let you get away with that shit.


They do. :smirk:



Certainly glad I bought those shares when they were $20…


Possible Summerslam spoiler


Ironically it’ll be the second time Rollins was groomed inadvertently or otherwise to upstage Reigns, and they’ve sort of been working at it, this time, since just before Elimination Chamber. As cool as the cash-in at WrestleMania 31 was, it also instantly destroyed Reigns’s credibility. That unexpected idea of his absorbing an incredible beating from Lesnar was actually finally turning fans around on him. But then Rollins literally comes trotting in, and that’s that. Rollins wasn’t even given a win in his match against Orton earlier that evening, and fronting the Authority made his title run unpopular, regardless of his ability…Now at least fans can concentrate on Rollins as a performer again, but I seriously doubt he’s the guy to pull WWE out of the perception that it’s still not cool to watch. Unless they finally pull the trigger on an all-out Shield war. Or build toward one at the next WrestleMania.






If it isn’t Ronda vs Charlotte I’ll eat my hat.



It took me a minute to realise that didn’t mean Sting from the Police.


It took me a minute to realise it didn’t mean Darth Vader.