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Wrestling Thread (spoilers)



I’ll go for…

Asuka (after Carmella fails to do a Rollins with a mid match cash-in)
Nia in a quick squash
Braun and These Hands
Usos retain
Big Cass for the battle royal
Mickie for the other battle royal
Miz retains
Rusev wins the US title

Taker over Cena in an impromptu match to close the show after Taker confronts Roman and Brock.


That’s close to how I think it’ll all play out. Except I think Miz loses the IC title to Rollins (or Balor) and takes a little time off to spend with his new daughter and either Sasha or Bayley win the women’s battle royal.

Either way, I expect lots of title changes.




Gosh, no one saw that coming. Last year’s WrestleMania proposal seemed so convincing…





A weirdly positive outlook of being shafted. I guess I was expecting another list of wrestlers Triple H wrestled while putting himself over at their expense.


If it were, Booker T should be somewhere near the top.


Triple H spent all of 2003 putting himself over top WCW talent. It was like the unofficial end of the Invasion.



That’s a funny way to spell Seth Rollins.


Yeah, Rollins is the real star. Strowman has actually been booked too strong, really. He’s at the point where he ruins matches because he just destroys 6 guys at once. Rollins is the only legit champ on Raw (because the Universal title is basically a non-existent joke) and he’s been tearing the house down week in and week out for months now.

Put the Universal title on whoever, but Rollins is the guy who should be the face of the company. He’s exciting to watch. Braun just smashes things.


Colleen Doran has posted some test pencils she did (not sure how long ago) for a prospective comic (that she didn’t do in the end) with a WWE wrestler. Not sure what his involvement was, whether he was actually scripting or just lending his name and image, but she described it as “his project”.



They actually had great chemistry in their WrestleMania match.



They so need to have him in a vignette with Booker T: