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Wrestling Thread (spoilers)


Ah, Kurt’s baby.

…Anyway, I think his work in WWE/WCW more than adequately justifies this. He’s the definition of a professional, and one of the best pure heels ever. His TNA work as champion, I think, went over poorly mostly because Triple H was doing the same thing on Raw, only he never put over exciting new talent like Styles, who clearly has stood the passage of time. It’s well past time to give Jarrett some credit.


It is inevitable that Jarrett breaks a guitar over Elias’ head at WrestleMania.


Would be epic! All he has to do is avoid using phrases like “slapnuts,” and I think he’s good.




There was a brief moment, a few years back now, where it really looked like she’d got herself together. It’s a shame because she was one of the best heel valets in the business but left WWF just as the Attitude era got going.



One of the Usos received a very similar charge a few weeks ago but their push continued regardless. Obviously Jeff has his history, though. Interesting to see if this leads to some sort of punishment at a time WWE is crying out for star power.


Who’s better at overturning a vehicle?

Big Show overturning a jeep


Braun Strowman demolishing the production truck parts




To quote Shakespeare, “holy shit”…