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Wrestling Thread (spoilers)


Yes, that last “shake up” was a misfire for all but a handful. New Day just kept on doing their thing and are evidently still Vince’s cup of tea, so they’re fine. Alexa Bliss has leapfrogged ahead of the rest of the pack on Raw. Owens has a feud with a McMahon, which is practically the highest honour that WWE can bestow upon a wrestler these days. Still, none of those three were really in any worse position before the draft, including Owens. He was the university champion on Raw, headlined a PPV against Goldberg and had one of the hottest rivalries in recent years against Jericho (it faded out towards the end but that’s almost to be expected these days).


They gave Wyatt a push with the title because the fans thought he could handle it. But he’s a heel. He’s always been a heel, as traditional a heel as there ever was. There’s really no appreciable difference between him and Jinder Mahal. At least Rusev believes his character. The only thing Wyatt believes is his hype. That’s why he’s so complacent. He could’ve been the next Mankind, but then, he was never Mick Foley, and certainly not an Undertaker. No offense to Kane, but he was never even Kane. Just a guy with a gimmick he immediately understood, but took no further than what it was when it debuted in NXT.


His main problem was that he was never booked well and he never recovered from losing to Cena at WrestleMania 30. That defeat cemented him as being just another guy whereas the whole gimmick only really worked if he was a dominant force. The gimmick was one of a terrorising force that would, in his own words, eat worlds. But he never did anything. He talked a lot but never about anything in specific. He was meant to be a cult leader but he only ever recruited a couple of lunks to join him. There’s a huge disconnect between what the character is meant to be and what he is actually written to do and say.

At one point a couple of years ago there was a tease of him going babyface against the Authority and the crowd were very much into it. They went in a different direction and it didn’t help him. Maybe they could go back to that and see what happens. It certainly can’t be any worse than the realisation that it is time to hit the fast forward button whenever he appears on screen.


Him losing at WrestleMania is the same as Rusev losing at WrestleMania…that was the whole point. Like Roddy Piper at the first one. The heel is supposed to drive interest, make you want to see them…lose. But Wyatt arrived at the same time as Daniel Bryan’s popular ascent, so fans kind of got confused. It’s a funny thing, Daniel Bryan. This was a guy the fans had never actually cared that much about, except as someone who had a lot of built-in interest, the original NXT ready-made star. WWE engineered all the hype for the “Yes Movement,” which really only built on the previous CM Punk program, where Punk at the 2011 Money in the Bank “got away” with defeating Cena and took the title hostage. The fans had nothing to do with that. But it’s a lot harder finding these moments than fans tend to think. It’s not just a matter of giving the title to someone the fans really like, but someone who can really sell the moment. Not everyone is capable of that, or at least ready for that. Bray Wyatt is one of the two.


GFW Could Be Up For Sale Again And WWE Must Avoid Damaged Promotion


Why avoid it? Just buy it out to get the video library to add all those great TNA matches from AJ, Angle, Joe, et al to the network, get the rights to the Broken Hardys gimmick, make money off of that and then ignore everything else about it.


Nia Jax, WWE star and cousin of ‘The Rock’, wows crowd in ‘amazingly empowering’ fashion show


Because Forbes has convinced itself it understands wrestling. And look, Vince McMahon understands wrestling better than anyone, and he’s responsible for some of the dumbest booking ever. Wrestling’s unique in that stupid things happen all the time, and it actually makes sense, because it’s the greatest carnival act ever, the act so great it eclipsed actual carnivals. It would be smart. NXT, which a lot of people irrationally overemphasize in terms of its product and significance, might actually benefit the most from putting GFW out of business. All that talent that still flocks to GFW despite everything would then redirect to NXT, so that all those obvious developmental talents WWE uses to generate jobbers (let’s face it) would have less room, and more actual talent would be there to beef up its title picture, which as it stands now is mostly a scene made up of people capable of being champion transitioning to the championship or transitioning to the main roster after losing the championship. Of course, there’s also no good reason why someone like Hideo Itami (KENTA), injuries or no, should languish there for years, but that would probably increase in this scenario, and NXT would then become no different from the main roster. It actually benefits from the illusion of prestige.

My gut is that either GFW manages another rabbit out of its hat, or once and for all vanishes, leaving ROH the last viable alternate, unless you count NJPW, which has actually been driving the product across the board for a few years now. We’re finally seeing tacit acknowledgment of Japan’s influence in wrestling, unlike in years past when you had to be a smart mark to know that’s where the idea of the nWo came from, complete with Hogan playing the championship belt like a guitar.


5 Reasons WWE No Longer Needs Part-Timers





In which his program with the Miz unofficially begins.




This is just a damn shame:



This is a win for WWE, which probably wanted her back because of the movie, but not too much beyond that. Damn shame, though. One of the truly talented stars of the women’s division.


I think Hell has frozen over:


I hope that at long last he gets to be alone with his baby tonight.